A New Book in the Bad Boy Alphas Series by Michelle Fox!

Happy Saturday everyone!

I’m happy to share that the third book in the Bad Boy Alphas series, The Alpha’s Justice (Huntsville Pack Book 2) by Michelle Fox is available now!

TheAlphasJustice_1000x1500“Your body doesn’t lie, sweetheart. You want to be under me, taking everything I have to give. I bet your wolf is dancing in your head, dying for that to happen. ”

**Stand alone, full length novel. No cliffhanger.**

What’s an alpha to do when he’s found his fated mate, but she reacts to the news by kicking him in the balls?

Gretchen Halbmond became a diehard Daddy’s girl the day her mother ran out on them both. She doesn’t believe in love and isn’t looking for it, but when her ailing father is attacked and left bloody by wolves on the wrong side of the law, she goes out in search of what she does believe in: Justice.

Sheriff Talon Garde has way too much on his plate. Humans have breached shifters’ carefully guarded privacy and are about to go public. If he can’t stop them, what happened to Gretchen’s father is going to be the least of everyone’s worries.

More importantly, despite Talon’s rep as a badass alpha whose growl strikes fear in the hearts of criminals, Gretchen’s scent makes him go all squishy inside. She’s THE ONE, he’s sure of it. There’s just the small matter of convincing Gretchen it’s pointless to fight fate…and surviving the way she fights it.

Available NOW for 99 cents!  Amazon   B&N   iTunes

Don’t forget about the first two books in the sexy Bad Boy Alphas series available now, too!


Reach for the Sky (Wolffe Peak Book 1) by Gwen Knight

She is his one desire…

Werewolf Skylar Callahan turned her back on everything she held dear in search of a career. Now a public advocate for her own kind, her political ambitions have shot her straight to the top. But amidst the glitz and glamor lurks a dark presence, one who is obsessed with claiming Skylar as his own. To survive, she must rely on Wyatt Turner—a sexy, albeit lethal, alpha who insists everything be done his way.

He is the only one who can love her…

Wyatt is always looking to stir up trouble, and Skylar is trouble with a capital T. Not only has his wolf chosen her as his intended mate, but she also comes with her very own stalker. Consumed by his need to protect her, Wyatt doesn’t care that she’s determined to keep him at arm’s length. It’s his job to keep her safe, which means getting close to the stubborn she-wolf…just the way he wants it.

Available now for 99 cents:  Amazon    iTunes    Nook


Awaken a Wolf (Wiccan-Were-Bear #9) by RE Butler

Natural Wiccan Cinder Knight has a pretty good life. She’s part of the largest coven in North America and has a great job at the Whalen Family Clinic. She has zero complaints, until she finds herself the recipient of unwanted attention from a certain alpha wolf.

Adam Beaumont hasn’t been the alpha of the Cleveland pack for long before he feels the pressure to take a mate. When he sees a beautiful Wiccan talking to one of his wolves, he knows exactly what to do to make her his. The only problem is that Cinder isn’t receptive to him at all. Everything he tries to do to make her his seems only to push her away, and neither he nor his wolf can accept the denial much longer.

Cinder discovers that she’s not truly a Wiccan, but something much more, and Adam is the only one who can help her. The infuriating alpha male manages to put the brakes on his desire to rush her into mating him because she needs him as she navigates the waters of her new destiny. When someone from her past threatens all they’ve built, will Cinder survive the full moon or will Adam find himself alone once more?

Available now for 99 cents!  Amazon US    Amazon UK    Apple iBooks    Barnes & Noble     Kobo

This book contains an alpha male used to getting what he wants, a Wiccan who doesn’t like her choices being taken from her, and enough magic to set the world on fire. Contains m/f interaction, new powers, old magic, shifting, a little wolfy voyeurism, and gratuitous uses of the word mine.


I hope you all enjoy the third installment in the Bad Boy Alphas series.  If you haven’t read Reach for the Sky or Awaken a Wolf, what are you waiting for?!  XOXO, RE

2 Responses to A New Book in the Bad Boy Alphas Series by Michelle Fox!

  • Valerie Flinn says:

    Loved the 1st 3. Please say yes to a 4th and more. Sitting on the edge waiting………..

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Valerie, I’m not sure when the next three books will be out but I think July/August. I’ll be sharing when they’re published, I’m excited for them too! 🙂

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