Available for Pre-Order: Wilde Creek Book Two!

Hi Everyone!  I’m thrilled to share that The Alpha’s Heart (Wilde Creek Two) is available for pre-order!  The book will be released on April 10th.

I’m so excited about this book.  I really loved writing about Acksel and Brynn, and visiting with the pack in Wilde Creek.  Acksel was a lot of fun to write, and I enjoyed Brynn’s backstory and how they end up together.  There’s something very cool about romances that start out early in life.  Although the romantic part of Brynn and Acksel’s story doesn’t begin until they are adults, they met in grade school and have known each other forever.

Acksel’s book is going to be making the promotional rounds in the next few weeks – I’ll be hosting a giveaway on this blog when the book is live, I’m taking part in a fun Facebook party with the awesome Chelsea Author Promotions (April 11), and Acksel’s book is going on a blog tour at the end of March, courtesy of the always fabulous Book Monster Promotions.

It’s my pleasure to share the cover, description and pre-order links for Acksel’s book.  I’m thankful to Ramona at Romance Book Cover Designs for her ability to make my covers come to life, and to Alexis Arendt at Word Vagabond and Amanda Pederick at The Picky Bitch for editing the story.

Final The Alpha's Heart (small)

The Alpha’s Heart (Wilde Creek Two) Release Date: April 10, 2014
Alpha wolf Acksel wakes up one morning in the bed of the one human who was kind to him in school. Now, ten years later, Brynn Mara is snuggled up at his side, smelling like passion and sweet dreams. Even though Acksel has declared that his pack members can mate with humans from now on, he knows that any woman he takes as his mate will have a target on her back. Especially if she’s a fragile human. Deciding it’s better to cut things off than string her along when there’s no hope for a relationship, he leaves without a word and ignores her.
But it doesn’t matter if Acksel acknowledges her or not, because their night of passion has left a permanent reminder of what happens when one drunk wolf forgets protection. Angry, banished wolves from his pack discover Brynn’s secret and decide to use her against Acksel. His worst fears have come true, and the only woman who ever touched his heart is now suffering because of his mistake.
This book contains one ticked off, emotionally damaged alpha, the human woman who can tame him, and a sweet little surprise that no one expected.
Available for Pre-Order for $2.99:  Amazon  Amazon UK  Apple iBookstore  Barnes & Noble
**I can’t wait for April 10th!  XOXO, RE**



6 Responses to Available for Pre-Order: Wilde Creek Book Two!

  • Ann fenstermacher says:

    Yea happy birthday to me I look like I will be getting for my birthday so excited love all of your work

  • Shawnnita says:

    I can’t wait already reserved mine as soon as you said we could but the waiting is the hardest part but like always it is ALWAYS well worth it. And I can’t wait oh and today is my birthday so what another great way to spend my day lol . Keep them coming RE and I will always keep on reading : ) Have a great day

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Shawnnita! I hope you had a very happy birthday!!!! I hope you enjoy the book when it comes out! Hugs, RE

  • Susan says:

    Confused went onto amazon to pre order the Alpha,s Heart you stated cost at $2.99 but on Amazon it’s coming up at $3.60 could you please let me know what the correct cost is before I order thanks Susan

    • rebutler says:

      Susan, I’m showing it on amazon.com for $2.99. I’m not sure where you are seeing it for higher than that. I’m sorry for the confusion.

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