Available NOW! Every Blissful Moment (Hyena Heat 4)

Every Blissful Moment-highresThe fourth book in my Hyena Heat series – Every Blissful Moment – is available now!  Since the moment I wrote Bliss’s character in the third book (Every Sunset Forever) I knew I would have to give Bliss her own story.

Every Blissful Moment

Non-shifting wolf Bliss Roberts imagined the most exciting thing in her future would be her honeymoon with her three gorgeous hyena husbands. She never expected them to get lost in the mountains on the way home and stumble upon a young owl shifter being forced to mate with a much older male. When Bliss helps the girl escape, her people demand that Bliss and her husbands become the evening’s pleasure sacrifice instead.

Memphis Gable and his brothers Lincoln and Rome knew their wife was a spitfire with a wounded heart, but they didn’t expect to have to defend her to a group of deadly owl shifters. To protect her, they’ll give the owls just a taste of the passion they share with their bride. When Bliss accidentally drinks too much of an aphrodisiac, the hyena clan’s good intentions may be overwhelmed by her out-of-control lust. Can they keep a lid on their sweetheart’s passion, or will the owls demand everything they have to give?

It wouldn’t be a Hyena Heat novel without scorching m/f/m/m sex, three males who would strip naked in a heartbeat to save their mate, and the sweet woman who has claimed their hearts. This book contains a young woman in need of rescuing, dangerous owl shifters who glow when they’re turned on, mating, claiming, growled obscenities, and frequent use of the word ‘mine.’

~ Available now for $2.99 ~

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What’s next?  Truthfully, I don’t know!  I’m working on two books for boxed sets with other amazing authors that will be out later this year, along with writing Daeton’s story in the wiccan-were-bear series and Kammie’s story in wilde creek.  Which book will be out next, for the moment, is up in the air but I promise I’m writing as fast as I can!  XOXO, RE

6 Responses to Available NOW! Every Blissful Moment (Hyena Heat 4)

  • Ann I says:

    Enjoyed this book and the whole series.

  • Shawnnita says:

    RE you did it again another good book and the storyline was fine if you read the other book you would understand what was going on or at least I did. I don’t think you can ever write a book without a storyline and I don’t think you rushed to finish it either but hey that is my option and that’s what this world is about right everyone is in titled to there own I am just saying your the best so keep them coming can’t wait for Heavens story. Still dieing for my Daeton story though lol yes I will am going to keep bugging you but that is what fans are for to drive you crazy sometimes. : ) Have a Happy 4th of July and be safe.

    Love and kisses and hugs


    • rebutler says:

      Hi Shawnnita, thank you so much for your kind words and support. It truly means the world to me. I’m really excited for Heaven’s story as well as Daeton’s. Your enthusiasm keeps me going! I hope you’ve had a great summer so far! Hugs, xoxo, RE

  • Shawnnita says:

    RE I did have a nice summer so far living in Arizona the summer is more like a sauna lol but I survive lol I am still waiting patiently for my Daeton’s story it’s just that series the Wicca Bears is what brought me to you so of course I want to see how all of her guards do and of course the rest of the family.
    I keep coming back because your books are the greatest so far and I love all of your series so keep writing and I will drive everyone crazy by reading all the time lol : ) Have a great day and weekend. Talk to you later hugs kisses and more of both. : )


    • rebutler says:

      You’re the best! Daeton’s book will be out this fall, November most likely. I’m really excited for her book to come out and i know you’re waiting! Your support keeps me writing, I hope you know how special you are! Hugs, RE

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