Awaken a Wolf (Wiccan-Were-Bear #9) Available NOW!!

AwakenAWolf_200x300I’m so excited that Awaken a Wolf is now available!  I never realized when I first introduced Elizabeth in A Curve of Claw, that readers would care about her jilted lovers!  You might remember Adam from Curve.  When I had an opportunity to write about a “bad boy alpha”, Adam Beaumont was the only guy who came to mind.  He’s the alpha now, and he’s ready to settle down with the right woman.  I adore this story.  I love the heroine, Cinder, and her desire to remain independent.  I love Adam and how true-to-the-core alpha he is.

~ You can find Adam’s book for 99 cents here ~

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For those of you who recall me saying that Daeton’s 2nd story would be next, don’t despair!  I do plan to write her story in the near future, but Adam was being a typical alpha and demanding I write his story!  Happy Reading!  XOXO RE

10 Responses to Awaken a Wolf (Wiccan-Were-Bear #9) Available NOW!!

  • Anne Richardson says:

    Pre ordered it and got early this morning love your books

  • Diana Mason says:

    Loved ‘Awaken A Wolf’. I had wondered what happened to Lit that would enable Adam to take over the pack. I have really enjoyed the stories that have branched out of Elizabeth’s initial story since they can be read independently, but also refer to friends from Ms Butler’s previous books. Ready for the next book. Maybe Adam’s sister and a vampire or two?

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Diana! I’m so glad you enjoyed Adam’s story. Angie will be getting a story of her own, but most likely it will be part of one of the spin-off series, whether it’s for the wolves or another group I haven’t decided yet. 🙂 The next book in the series out will most likely be Daeton’s second story. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and comment, I’m sorry to be so behind in answering! Hugs, RE

  • ladyxiane says:

    Pre ordered it, read it, loves it!

  • Shawnnita says:

    RE loved it like I knew I would because you never disappoint me but now I will be in withdraw mode again until you release another book. grrr so PLEEEEEEEEASE hurry up : ) . I have to agree with Diana Mason you need to do a story on Angie and her two dream men but then again it could be with vampires or two dragons the choice is yours hmmm I am leaning toward dragons since everyone does vampires lol but I think I will lose this one because if I am reading correctly you already have the wheels turning in your head and just the tid bits in Adams story it will be vampires oh well. It will be great like everything else you write can’t wait.
    So tell all your faithful readers when are you going to start Daetons 2nd Story it is killing me to see what she has been up to since not only does she have a bear she has a centar for husbands if my memory serves be right please don’t make us wait to long.

    Have a great weekend and a Wonderful MOTHERS DAY.


    • rebutler says:

      HI Shawnnita, I am so glad to hear you enjoyed Adam’s story! Dragons will always have a place in my heart, and I’m looking forward to writing Tosh’s story, but I do love vampires! 🙂 I haven’t officially decided what type of mates Angie will end up with, but you’re not wrong – I’ve been thinking about it a lot! I’m working on Daeton’s story now, and I hope to have it out by the end of the year and yes she does have two husbands! 🙂 I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day, too – I sure did – and I can’t believe it’s already the middle of June and I’m SO far behind! Hugs, RE

  • Shawnnita says:

    Yes i did have a wonderful Mothers day I’ve already pre ordered your next book and I can’t wait until sunday to read it. I can’t wait for Daeton’s Story also the end of the year can’t get here fast enough I so love my bears because they started it all and my long journey as your fan. So keep them coming but just remember to take time for yourself because if you get burned out I don’t get my fix on your books. Yes I am being selfish but that’s okay and yes I ordered them on both of my kindle and nook so I have you where ever i may be : )


    • rebutler says:

      You’re the sweetest person ever, Shawnnita! I’m so happy you had a great Mother’s Day! I hope you enjoy Bliss’s story! I really appreciate your sweet words. It’s easy to get burned out in anything I suppose, but I do try to make sure I have time to myself and for my family so it’s not just work all the time. Even though I really do love writing and visiting with the characters! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, RE

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