Out Today: Dero’s Bride!

Dero's BrideI’m standing in awe of the fact that it’s June already! The first half of the year has just zipped right by.  I’m really excited to share Dero’s Bride with you.  Of the Norlanian stories, his is one of my favorites.  I hope you enjoy visiting the planet of Norlan!

Dero’s Bride (Norlanian Brides Book 5)

Tarihn, an unmated female on the planet Norlan, has spent most of her life knowing that she’ll likely never be chosen as a mate because she’s sterile. She spends her days watching her people take soul mates from other planets and find happiness, but she knows she won’t ever be so lucky.

Dero lives on the forbidden side of the Issizlik Mountains. He’s never ventured to the other side of the mountain until now, when he and his people mount a mission to destroy the soul-walk machines used to abduct females from other planets, and the vaccinations that have caused the females to become sterile. What he doesn’t expect is to scent his own soul mate in the medical center, or for her to pass out in fear when they come face-to-face.

Dero has three days to convince Tarihn that they’re soul mates, or he’ll have to return her to her home and erase her memory. The thought of living without her for even a moment is too much for him to bear, and he’ll do everything in his power to ensure that she knows he wants to spend the rest of his life making her happy. Will she give him a chance to prove that they’re meant to be together, or will she want to go back to her own people?

~*~ Available for $2.99 ~*~

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~ Coming Soon & News ~

If you haven’t heard, the finale of the Wiccan-Were-Bear series is coming July 2!  You can find the pre-order links and see the amazing cover HERE.

On the horizon:  I’ve got a special shifter romance story coming out in mid-July, so stay tuned for the awesomesauce details.  And the 7th Wilde Creek book is coming out in early August, so be sure to watch for preorder links in the next few weeks!

Hugs & Happy Reading, RE

Out Today: Villi’s looking for his soulmate!

Villi's BrideHappy weekend greetings to you!  I can’t believe that May is nearly at an end.  The year is just flying by!!  I’m so excited for today – Villi’s story is finally out!  When I wrote The Gigolo’s Bride back in 2012, I never expected it would spawn such an amazing world!  I hope you enjoy Villi’s Bride and that today is a wonderful, sweet, and special day for you all!  XOXO, RE

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Villi’s Bride (Book Four) – Villi grew up knowing that his people, the Ligaru, were feared by the Norlanians on the other side of the Issizlik Mountains. He wouldn’t care about that, except that his people have few females of their own. Unlike their Norlanian counterparts, the Ligaru don’t care about the females’ inability to breed. They only care that every female is with her soul mate.

During a mission to Kyvern City to destroy the soul-walk machine, Villi finds himself entranced with a scent in the building, recognizing it as the scent of his own soul mate. After his job is done, he leaves his people and locates the female, planning to prove to her that he’s no monster under the bed, but rather a male worthy of being her soul mate and loving her for the rest of his life.

Pilar Rotahn is a no-nonsense female who takes great pride in her catering business and teaching job at the culinary academy in Kyvern City. Although she would never admit it out loud, she doesn’t like coming home to an empty house each night or waking up alone. But as a sterile Norlanian female, she knows that no male will ever go on the soul-walk and dream about her.

One night, she’s woken by a strange male in her bedroom. He’s the sexiest male she’s ever seen, even with his fangs, and when he offers to take her to his home on the other side of the forbidden mountain, she throws caution to the wind and goes with him. Is the life that Villi offers too good to be true, or will Pilar find everything she ever dreamed of on the other side of the mountain?


Wilde Creek Volume 3 Out Now!

Wilde Creek Vol3 2DIf you love bears, wolves, and reindeers – this is the set for you!  The third volume of Wilde Creek stories is out now, and contains The Scarred Heart (Kammie & Row’s story) and Dancer’s Heart (Adam & Dani’s story).

Wilde Creek Volume Three is an Amazon Exclusive story, and is available for 99 cents, or *FREE* on Kindle Unlimited!

Pick up your copy now for the limited-time price of 99 cents!

Wilde Creek Volume Three

Don’t forget you can pick up Volume One and Volume Two for $3.99 each or *free* on KU!

*~* I’m so excited for the next few months!  Villi’s Bride is coming out May 21, Dero’s Bride on June 11, with a final visit to the Wiccan-Were-Bears in July, and the next story in the Wilde Creek series in August!  It’s going to be awesome!  XOXO, RE

New Were Zoo Book Out Today!

A few years ago, when I was asked to be part of a boxed set, I started Were Zoo with Zane’s story – a gorilla shifter who rescues his human soul mate from a crazed wolf shifter.  That story was a runaway success, and now I’m releasing the fourth book in the series today – Justus!  This story was a lot of fun to write, and I hope you enjoy visiting the Amazing Adventures Safari Park again!

small justusJustus (Were Zoo Four)

When Trina Potter arrives at the Amazing Adventures Safari Park to apply for a job at her cousin’s sweets shop, she doesn’t expect to meet the man of her dreams at the front gate, or that his kisses would drive her senseless.

Bear shifter Justus Dorne would love to meet his soulmate. The weekly park VIP tours so far have netted him zero meetings with the one female meant to be his. He doesn’t want to be discouraged, but seeing his friends find their soulmates is making him long for a female of his own. When he volunteers to escort a human to the park’s new sweets shop, he doesn’t expect to fall head over heels for the feisty brunette.

It’s no simple thing to find a soulmate who’s human. Shifters aren’t known to humans, and one careless whisper of their nature out in the human world could spell disaster for the entire shifter race. Justus doesn’t want to keep anything from his soulmate, but he’s not sure how to tell her the truth of what he is without losing her. When she comes face to face with his bear, will she stay or will she run?

~*~ Available NOW for 99 cents! ~*~

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Don’t forget you can pick up the first two volumes of the Wilde Creek series for $3.99 each (or FREE on Kindle Unlimited!)

Wilde Creek Volume One    Wilde Creek Volume Two

Happy Reading, RE

Who Loves Lions? Six Awesome Lion Shifter Books Just for You!




JUPITER by R.E. Butler

Second-in-command lion shifter Jupiter Ross has a lot on his plate. As the head of security for Amazing Adventures Safari Park, he has to ensure the safety of not only the humans who come through the gates every day, but the natural animals, and most importantly, the shifters who live and work in secret at the park. The alphas have recently determined that bringing in unmated humans for VIP park tours would allow some of the males and females to find their soulmates, and that increased Jupiter’s duties tenfold. As an unmated male, he’d like to find his soulmate and settle down, but he’s not sure that random human females coming in for free tours is the way to go.

When Celeste Patterson receives an invitation for a free tour of the safari park, she and her best friend, Adriana, can’t wait to go. Even though they’re separated and unable to take the tour together, Celeste can’t help but think that a wonderful adventure is just around the corner. Jupiter is amazed to discover that his soulmate is in fact one of the recipients of a VIP tour invitation. The feisty female is everything he could have ever wanted in a mate, from her gorgeous curves to her mile-wide attitude.

Get your ticket and get in line for the Amazing Adventure Safari Park VIP Tour. You just might be lucky enough to find your happily ever after.

Amazon Barnes&Noble iBooks Kobo


TRIGGER by Scarlett Dawn

New York Times bestselling author, Scarlett Dawn, has created a fresh and magical new adventure for romance and paranormal lovers alike. Shifters rule the world through corporations after the humans all but destroyed Earth. It’s too bad humans are still oblivious. They have no clue terrifying beasts run their broken world.

And then along came a human. A beautiful and klutzy human.

She’s the trigger the shifters have been waiting for… But beware of the soul-sucking darkness soon to follow.


Lions Love

LION’S LOVE by Kate Kent

Hungry lion meets shy BBW for a roaring good time!

All she’s ever wanted is to find the love of her life. BBW Sherry Cole dreams about the day she will find her true mate, marry and have kids but her natural shyness and a birthmark have eroded her confidence.

Some of her co-workers are mean girls who decide it would be fun to play with Sherry’s love life and they take matters into their own hands signing her up for the ‘Luscious Lads and Ladies Marriage Mates’ site. Luscious Lads and Ladies is a new marriage match site with a twist. All the men on the site are shifters from the rowdy town of Shifter Villages looking for their mate and all the women are looking for shifters in the town to mate with.

When Sherry finds out what her co-workers have done she is in shock. Will she use the opportunity to grab a chance at happiness or let the opportunity slip through her fingers?




A wildland firefighter–and mountain lion shifter–Edward is the youngest of the Stanton siblings, and hasn’t touched a woman in a decade, not since his late fiancee was killed in a violent tragedy.

But when he meets the sweet, adorable Molly Sloan, a friend of his new sister-in-law, Lilah… his determination to remain celibate begins to unravel.

Something about Molly is irresistible. Something about her makes him forget the past… and hear the Beat. But Edward will have to fight for her — forces are gathering to use her in ways that might separate them forever.

Amazon Barnes&Noble iBooks GooglePlay Kobo


INEVITABLE by Elle Thorne

He’s Theo, head of security for Lézare Arceneaux.

He’s also Theodoros Ricoletti, son of an Italian lion shifter and his Greek servant woman, raised by the servants in secret until the lion shifter learned he had a son. Theodoros Ricoletti, stolen by his lion shifter father from his servant woman mother, reared by governesses and nannies, sent off to a boarding school, only to run away and join a group of roving shifters. He’s only loved one woman, ever. A beautiful, dark-skinned, glowing-eyed barefooted beauty from the bayou. She betrayed him by casting a spell on him to make him fall in love with another. Just because the spell’s been broken doesn’t mean that all is healed.

She’s Leandra, swamp witch of New Orleans.

She’s also Leandra Mathieu, one of the most powerful witches in the surrounding New Orleans. Her ancestors have saved the ass of theArceneaux Clan more than once. Now, so has she. But she bears secrets.And blood ties.

She shouldn’t have fallen for a shifter. She shouldn’t have cast the spell on him to make him fall in love with another, either. She has paid enough. Or has she?

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NAOMI AND TYLER by Carina Wilder

Naomi, the first client of the Plenty of Shift Dating Service, has been given a choice: to date Tyler, the lion shifter, or Quinn, a mysterious wolf shifter. In this volume of the Choose Your Own Sequel Series, she’s picked Tyler. He’s a sexy, motorcycle-riding bodyguard, and sure, that sounds enticing, but is he the right man for her? Naomi quickly discovers that he’s guarded, and maybe not an ideal mate.

But maybe with a little patience and care she can bring him around. After all, he’s worth it.

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