Arctic Shifters Series

Blitzen's Fated Mate - EBook 1333 x 2000Blitzen’s Fated Mate (Arctic Shifters Book One) – March 2016

On Christmas Eve, romance writer Charli watches as something plummets into the woods behind her home. When she investigates, she discovers an injured reindeer who quickly transforms into a man.

When arctic shifter Arian’s sleigh harness breaks during the Christmas Eve run, he knows he’s lucky to be alive after the fall. But he’s even luckier to have found his fated mate in the alluring human, Charli.

When Arian contacts his people to tell them the news, he’s surprised to discover they don’t believe that Charli is his mate and are coming to see him before dawn on Christmas Day. Arian refuses to consider a life without Charli and will do whatever is necessary to ensure they’ll be together forever.

This book was originally part of the A Very Alpha Christmas boxed set.

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Dasher's Fated Mate - 1333 x 2000Dasher’s Fated Mate (Arctic Shifters Book Two) – November 2016

When Mrs. Claus sneaks away from the North Pole on Christmas Eve, Santa sends out a security team to bring her home before dawn on Christmas Day.  The team follows the tracking beacon in Mrs. Claus’s coat to downtown New York City, finding her in the crowded streets of the human city.  They hustle her into an alley and use magic to take her home to North Pole City.

Merri Blevins has had a rough night.  Not only was her adorable elf costume unavailable at the costume store, forcing her to take the frumpy Mrs. Claus costume, but she’s lost in New York City.  It’s cold, it’s crowded, it’s late, and a crazy woman dressed just like Merri bumped into her and nearly knocked her over.  Could things get any worse?

When Rhys is called by the security team to his bedroom after the Christmas Eve run because of a problem with Mrs. Claus, he realizes immediately that the woman wearing the traditional red dress is not Mrs. Claus, but his Fated Mate.  She’s human.  She’s pissed.  And he has to take her back to her human world before dawn or she’ll be trapped in North Pole City for a year.

Can Rhys convince her to give him a chance to prove his worth as a mate, or will Merri demand she be taken home immediately?  Only Santa knows what the future will bring.

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Prancer's Fated Mate - 1333 x 2000Prancer’s Fated Mate (Arctic Shifters Book Three) – December 2016

Kerri’s excited to be able to help plan the wedding of a friend of her sister’s.  Decorating her sister’s middle-of-nowhere cabin, and taking some R&R after finally finishing cooking school, is exactly what she needs before she starts her job hunt.  Unable to sleep, Kerri heads out into the woods before dawn on Christmas Eve to cut pine boughs to decorate the fireplace mantel.  It’s cold and dark, but Kerri finds herself enjoying the early morning walk in the woods.  Until

At dawn on Christmas Eve, arctic shifter Sullivan, goes with two members of the security team to scout out the location for a close friend’s wedding.  Deciding he’s a better hunter in his shifted form, he chooses the polar bear, his favorite of his four shifts.  Heading into the woods that surround the cabin belonging to the mate of one of their friends, he follows the scent of something amazing and comes face to face with a beautiful woman.  She takes one look at his polar bear and screams.  He shifts, to tell her that she’s in no danger, and she passes out.

When Kerri awakens, she feels immediately connected to a man she’s pretty sure she saw change forms from bear to human.  She can’t explain why she feels drawn to him, but he can.  He’s a quad shifter, part of Santa’s sleigh team, and she’s his Fated Mate.  For a human, who never realized that shifters, or Santa, were real, Kerri has to make a choice…fast.  Either she’s waiting when Sullivan gets back from the Christmas Eve run, or she leaves him behind.  Will Sullivan get his Christmas wish for Kerri to accept being his mate and join him in the North Pole, or will this be a blue Christmas for everyone?

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Vixen’s Fated Mate (Arctic Shifters Book Four) – November 26, 2017

Mire, the Vixen position on the sleigh team, has watched three of his friends and fellow shifters find their fated mates. He holds out hope that he’ll find his fated mate soon, but since he’s able to leave North Pole City for only twenty-four hours every year, he’s not sure when he’ll meet his one and only. When a non-quad shifter survives a near-fatal accident two days before Christmas Eve, they discover he had an affair with a human woman and had a child with her. Mire is tasked with bringing the daughter to NPC to meet with Santa Claus. What Mire doesn’t count on is that she’s his fated mate.

Noelle Jackson has known her whole life that she wasn’t entirely normal. Born with pointed ears, that her mother had altered with plastic surgery, she’s always felt out of place. When a dark-haired, gorgeous man shows up at her apartment and tells her that he can take her to visit her injured father, she jumps at the chance. She feels connected to the mysterious Mire, whose eyes flash from brown to gold whenever he looks at her.

When Noelle is magically whisked away to the North Pole, she feels right at home for the first time in her life. In a place where the magic is real, can Santa Claus grant Noelle and Mire their Christmas wish to spend the rest of their lives together, or will her father’s deceit mean NPC is closed to her forever?

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Cupid’s Fated Mate (Arctic Shifters Book Five) – December 3, 2o17

Roi, an arctic shifter who calls North Pole City home, has watched four of his friends find their fated mates in the human world. He wants nothing more than to join them…to find the one woman on the planet meant for him, so that they can start their life together.

When the father one of the fated mate’s falls ill before Christmas Eve, Santa Claus is unable to send her home to visit because his magic isn’t powerful enough. When he calls his old friend Sandman for help, Sandman’s daughter comes instead. Dreama, who is as powerful as her father, agrees to take the fated mate and her shifter home. When Santa sends Roi along as a guard, sparks fly between Dreama and him.

Dreama’s never met anyone like Roi, the sexy shifter who can change into four different animals. She wants to spend the rest of her life with him, but can a woman who walks in other people’s dreams get her own happily ever after? Or will an ancient law prevent her from staying in NPC? Only Santa knows if her dream will come true.

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Coming in 2018

Dancer’s Fated Mate

Comet’s Fated Mate

Donner’s Fated Mate

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