Individual Books

Individual Books are those which don’t belong to any particular series, but were written for pure shifter fun and reader enjoyment!

Purred Promises (part of Eliza Gayle’s Southern Shifters Kindle World) – May 16, 2016

When the male arranged to be lynx Princess Genesis Roark’s mate dies during a hunt, her father gives her two choices – mate the male’s father, or be banished from the clan. Opting not to spend the rest of her life with a male she’s not attracted to, she chooses banishment and strikes out on her own. She’s told of a town where shifters, hybrids, and humans all live and work together in what’s known as the neutral zone – Deals Gap, North Carolina.

Tiger-wolf hybrid Jair Venture settled in Deals Gap a year ago. As a hybrid, his blue-and-black striped wolf fur and mismatched eyes relegated him to the bottom tier in the tiger pride. In Deals Gap, he finds a place to call home.

When Jair meets Genesis, he knows he’s in the presence of his true mate. The gorgeous female is ready and willing to be his mate, and loves his blue and green eyes. In the midst of their budding relationship, Jair will have to come to terms with the cause of his messed-up genetics, and the fact that Genesis’s exile from her home comes with its own baggage in the form of the disgruntled male she left behind.
This book includes one hybrid shifter with a chip on his shoulder, one exiled lynx princess, inappropriate pool hall bets, and gratuitous use of the word ‘mine.’

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The Alpha’s Honor (Howls Romance) – September 19, 2017

He only cares about becoming alpha…
There’s only one thing standing in the way of Duke Fairborn taking over his pride as alpha, and that’s choosing a mate. According to pride law, matings must be among their own kind, and only a mated male can become alpha. Mating an outsider means facing exile. Giving the pride matchmaker the go-ahead, he soon finds himself betrothed to a lioness, with a mating ceremony scheduled for the following weekend. Now, everything is falling into place in his life and he couldn’t be happier. Right?

Her broken heart doesn’t trust easily…
Memory Hendrix isn’t interested in dating, and doesn’t even believe in happily-ever-afters. After one too many broken hearts, Ree knows that the only person she can trust is herself. Accompanying her younger sister to a bar for a drink to kick off the weekend, she finds herself in the arms of the sexiest guy she’s ever laid eyes on. He’s built like a tank and he purrs! One night with him, and her broken heart is all but mended.

Not all is what it seems…
Duke knows that taking Ree to bed is going to be the end of his bid for alphaship, but he could care less. Nothing is as important to him as his new mate. Believing she’s safe in his room above the bar, he leaves her sleeping and goes to the pride elders to accept his exile. He’d rather have Ree than be alpha. But the jilted lioness isn’t going to go down without a fight, and when Ree believes that Duke will never choose her, she runs. He’s not about to let her go, and no lioness or pride laws will stand in his way. He’ll choose honor over duty, and love above all else.

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