Caleb’s Tempting Mate Out Now!!


I love Caleb!  I can’t wait for you to read his and Lia’s story.  The saber-tooth tigers are some of my favorite characters, they’ve just been so much fun to write!  I hope you enjoy their story – a vampire and a tigress, what a sexy combination!  Expect lots of growling and biting!

Caleb’s Tempting Mate (Saber Chronicles Book Three)

Lia Carmichael is thrilled two of her three brothers have found their truemates. As soon as her third brother finds his, she’ll start having the mating dreams that are part of being a saber-tooth-tiger shifter. Fate has other plans, when she goes to a club with her new family and scents her mate – on another woman! Hell hath no fury like a pissed-off saber-tooth tigress shifter, and she’s one furious cat.

As vampire master of the city of Belle Terra, Caleb Night has seen just about everything. When a gorgeous saber-tooth tigress female finds him in his private club, he knows he’s staring into the golden eyes of his truemate. He never expected his truemate to be a shifter, but nothing makes him hotter than when she purrs.

When a master vampire and a saber-tooth tigress get together, expect lots of neck biting and purring.

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The last book in the series – Galen’s Lovely Mate – is available for preorder everywhere, be sure to pick up your copy so you can snuggle with the tigers on November 1!

Available for Pre-Order – Amazon    Amazon UK    iBooks    B&N    Kobo    Smashwords



4 Responses to Caleb’s Tempting Mate Out Now!!

  • Shawnnita says:

    RE this was another awesome book to a great series you should do another vampire books l really enjoyed it. Our internet went done in our house do to a storm so I made my hubby take me to frys so I could download Caleb’s Tempting Mate lol he got his beer and I got my book win win at least I thought so lol cant wait for Nov 1 for Galen’s and Fairy Serena Story. And of course I am really happy that Daten story is getting close also yea for me have a great day and an awesome week and weekend.
    Hugs and Kisses

    • rebutler says:

      Hi honey! I’m so glad you were able to get the book downloaded in spite of not having electricity! What a sweet hubby you have!! I should have pre-order links for Daeton’s story in the next week, so stay tuned. Thank you so much for the kudos – I really enjoyed writing about vampires again. I have missed them and I’m definitely going to consider writing some more books about the sexy fellas with the fangs! xoxo, RE

  • Shawnnita says:

    RE i will be watching closely for Daeton’s per-order to come out but right now I am just waiting for Nov 1 so I can read Galen’s story with Serena and like always I know it will be another great story hugs and kisses

    • rebutler says:

      Thanks so much, Shawnnita! I’m going to announce Daeton’s book in a few days with links, so stay tuned to the website! It’s up everywhere but Amazon right now. Enjoy Galen’s book! *hugs*

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