Every Angelic Moment is finally here!

The moment’s finally come – the last story in the Hyena Heat series is here!  I’m both happy and sad to see this story come out, because I’ve loved living in this world with all of you since I decided that three hyena brothers, who had crashed into The Wolf’s Mate series and tried to steal Michael’s mate, needed a little redemption.  What a fun ride this has been!

This book contains not only Angel’s story, but also a 14,000 word novella for Brierley, the owl shifter that Bliss rescued in book five.  I couldn’t close out the series without giving her a story, too!

Every Angelic Moment (Hyena Heat Seven)

Angel Cooper didn’t expect to love working at a campground run by hyena shifters in Pennsylvania, but she feels like she’s finally found the place she belongs. She’s happier than she’s ever been, even if she wouldn’t mind meeting Mr. Right sometime soon. Her sort-of adopted sister, Brierley, is certain that Angel is meant to be the special mate to a hyena clan, but Angel’s not so sure.

Brin, Ian, and Quill Mercer left home with their father’s ashes and their tails between their legs. They’d spent the better part of their lives believing that their father had found the perfect mate for them, but it had all been a terrible lie. Brin and Quill are ready to move on and find a special woman to share for the rest of their lives, but middle brother Ian can’t let go of the pain that their father’s obsession and betrayal left him with. Ian doesn’t trust himself to be their clan’s protector, and deals with his sleepless nights by joining an underground were-fighting tournament. Fighting keeps him sane, but not happy.

When Angel heads into the woods to pick flowers, she follows an enticing scent to a campsite, where she meets the three sexiest men she’s ever laid eyes on. Ian explains the violent way he’s been spending his nights, but after meeting her, he’s walking away from the fights for good. Not everyone is happy about Ian’s change of heart, and when a sweet little owl shifter is caught in the crossfire, Ian will make sure that no one ever crosses his family again.

Be prepared for three hyenas who will do anything to make their mate happy, a human with a heart big enough for her clan, sexy times galore, plenty of growling, and a happily ever after worth fighting for. Contains m/f/m/m interaction.

*Contains a bonus 14,000 word novella – The Owl’s Minotaur*
Brierley Pine has spent the last nine months wondering what her future holds. Set free from her owl-shifter nest by a kind-hearted wolf named Bliss, she’s happy working in the hyena campground, but she’s ready to start the next chapter of her life. When her sort-of adopted sister, Angel, introduces Brierley to her new hyena mates, she has a dream about a man and knows that he’s her truemate. When Wallace, the owner of an illegal were-fighting group, tries to kidnap Angel to force her mate to continue to fight for him, Brierley is abducted instead. Although she’s frightened, she’s positive that Wallace knows where her truemate is. She’ll do anything to find him, even willingly go with her abductors.

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Happy Reading & Hyena Hugs, RE

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