Four Days to Slade’s Feisty Mate!

I can’t believe how quickly two weeks has gone by!  On Sunday, October 4, the second book in my Saber Chronicles Series is coming out.  I’m so excited to continue in this series with the 2nd oldest Carmichael brother, Slade, and Gretchen, the sweet and sassy she-wolf who works at the supernatural hotel.


Slade’s Feisty Mate (Saber Chronicles Book Two) – October 4, 2015 – Available for Pre-Order NOW!

Slade Carmichael, second oldest were-saber toothed tiger, is happy his brother Alaric found his mate. He can’t wait to begin mate-dreaming about his own mate and get started on the next chapter of his life.

She-wolf Gretchen Havers is thrilled her best friend, Aubrey, found her mate at the were-fights and is happy to help Aubrey’s new family get settled in the supernatural hotel where she works. It is just a typical night, until a sexy guy walks in the front door, locks eyes with her, and promptly passes out.

She never expected her mate to purr, but she’s thrilled she’s found her truemate. She’s always thought of wolves as being the most awesome shifters because of their hunting skills and pretty fur coats, but she’s beginning to think that tigers are pretty awesome too. Especially her truemate, who thinks she smells like butterscotch and likes how feisty she is.

Contains m/f interaction, a lot of pleasure, and several creamy puns.

~Available for Pre-Order for 99 cents! ~ Amazon   Amazon UK    iBooks    B&N    Kobo   Smashwords

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Did you know you can get Book Three in the Saber Chronicles Series for Pre-Order now?

Caleb’s Tempting Mate will be out on October 18, but you can get yours for pre-order now!Calebstemptingmate_1_3_FINAL

As vampire master of the city of Belle Terra, Caleb Night has seen just about everything. When a gorgeous saber-tooth tigress female finds him in his private club, he knows he’s staring into the golden eyes of his truemate. He never expected his truemate to be a shifter, but nothing makes him hotter than when she purrs.

Amazon    Amazon UK   iBooks    B&N    Kobo   Smashwords

* I’m fortunate to know some amazing authors, and it’s so much fun for me to share their new releases with you, too!*

be guarded hearts

Guarded Hearts by Bryce Evans 


Soul Seer Pet 3D FormattedThe Master & His Soul Seer Pet by Marian Tee


Until Sunday.  *rawr*  XOXO, RE


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