Just Released: Every Dawn Forever (Hyena Heat Two)

Happy Friday!! It’s such a joy to share the news that the second book in the Hyena Heat series, Every Dawn Forever, is on sale now!  When I wrote the original story, I never anticipated liking the other hyena characters so much that I’d want to write their stories, but I had a blast getting to know Orion, Crux, and Sterling.

  • I’d like to take this opportunity to say a very big and heartfelt thanks to Alexis Arendt at Word Vagabond for her awesome editing skills.  I’m so glad to have her in my corner, and I’m looking forward to working together again very soon!
  • The fantastic cover is courtesy of the lovely and talented Ramona Lockwood of Romance Book Cover Designs.  When you read the book, you’ll know just how perfect the cover is, especially for one really special scene early in the book.
  • And I’d be nowhere without my betas, the hilarious and always-there-for-me Jackie G., and Jacq H., who I’m very glad to have on my side.
  • A special shout-out to the brilliant & artistic Valerie Tibbs at Tibbs Design for my new website, and Miss Alex G., for tirelessly running my facebook page and searching for photos of hot models, actors, and singers for my characters. *grin*
  • And lastly, I’d like to thank you…my fans.  Without your support and encouragement, I wouldn’t have pushed to get this book out earlier than my intended release date.  It makes me happy to see you all happy, and I  hope that you love this book and these characters as much as I do.  Thank you for everything.  Happy Reading!  XOXO, RE

Available now at Amazon HERE, Barnes & Noble HERE, and Smashwords HERE for $2.99.

 It will follow on other distribution sites within the next few weeks.

Final Every Dawn Forever (small)Every Dawn Forever (Hyena Heat Two)

When Orion and his were-hyena clan rescue a she-wolf hiding in a bus station bathroom, they had no idea that they would be staring into the tear-filled eyes of their mate.  They’ll do anything to keep her safe and make her theirs forever, even if it means keeping her at arms’ length.

Sydney Nichols never believed she would know what freedom felt like until she found a way to escape her abusive mate.  But before she escaped, her mate did something to her, and she’s unable to hide the effects of his tampering when the group is stranded overnight during a storm.  When the truth comes out, will they forgive her and embrace their future, or will she lose the only good thing she’s ever had?

Contains m/f/m/m interaction.


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