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Loving Lachlyn (Ashland Pride 2) will be published on August 27th, 2013.  A week!  I can’t believe how fast the time has gone.

News first…So what’s on the horizon for the remainder of 2013?

  • Two more books will be published after Lachlyn’s story, including the 7th Wiccan-Were-Bear book and the first of a new werewolf series.  Who gets the 7th Wiccan-Were-Bear book?  Falcon Prince Jesuit!  The jilted, sword-wielding falcon-shifter prince finally gets his shot at happiness in his book, which I anticipate being out in October.
  • The new werewolf series is slated for only two books at the moment, but is a twist from what I normally do for wolves, packs, and the humans they interact with.  I will be sharing more details later on in the year, including the series, title, and kicking cover!  The book should be out in December.
  • Are you following Logan’s book on its blog tour?  It’s only half over!  There’s still plenty of time to win a digital copy of Logan’s book and a number of other awesome prizes including gift cards.  You can find the blog tour schedule HERE.
  • Have you joined my Facebook Street Team?  If not, click HERE to go to the FB site and ask to join.  I just gave away an ARC to one of my team members, and this month a lucky team member is going to get a neat prize pack.
  • Have you ever been to a Facebook Release Day Party?  Come and join mine!  From 6 pm to 10 pm (EST) August 27th (Tuesday), there’s a FB party to celebrate Lachlyn’s book release with games and prizes and a Q&A session with yours truly.  Please click HERE and join the fun!


When I first wrote Alek’s character in Callie & The Cats, I wasn’t that crazy about him.  But when I wrote Seducing Samantha and got to know his character a little better…to see below the façade of disinterest and anger…I knew he deserved to find his HEA.  Alek’s book brings the bear den from both Callie and Samantha’s books into play again, but this time it’s with a twist.  As promised, here is a never-before-seen excerpt from the book, an introduction to the heroine of the story.

**Meet Lachlyn**

Thursday afternoon Lachlyn Manning parked in front of her grandmother’s house and looked at the impeccable flowerbeds, overflowing with colorful impatiens, pansies, and daylilies.  The house was empty, the windows dark.  Her grandmother had died the week before, and Lachlyn had just come from the lawyer’s office.  As the only living relative, it fell to her to pack up her grandmother’s things and settle the estate.  Her grandmother had lived simply and planned her estate impeccably, so the only thing that Lachlyn needed to do was decide which items she’d like to keep.  Afterward she would hand over the keys to the estate lawyer, who would handle selling the home and remaining belongings.

Lachlyn grew up in a were-bear den in the small town of Dory, Virginia.  When she turned sixteen and had been unable to shift, everyone had assumed that she was just a late bloomer and would come into her bear shift in time.  But one year passed, and then another.  By the time her nineteenth birthday rolled around, it was clear to everyone in her family that she was a shifting dud, unable to transform from her human self into her bear self.

The king of the bear den, Detroit, had a strict policy that bears who could not shift were to be turned away from the den.  Her mother had held hard to the hope that eventually Lachlyn would shift, that she just needed time.  But each month that passed by only further solidified in Lachlyn’s mind that she’d never know the joy that came from shifting.  And staying with the den and lying about her abilities was a sure way of inciting the king’s rage.  Detroit had a nasty temper and ruled with an iron fist.  Bears who went against him found themselves on the business end of his fist, and he was no male to be trifled with.  To protect her, and give her time to shift, her parents sent her away to college in Georgia, moving with her so that they could be together.  But her happiness was short lived, when her parents were killed in a car accident after their vehicle was struck head-on by a semi.

She’d stayed away from the den all these years, but now that her grandmother had died, Lachlyn returned to the den.  It was as good a time as any to formally leave the den, a task she hadn’t done before now.

**End of Excerpt**



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