Out Today: Dero’s Bride!

Dero's BrideI’m standing in awe of the fact that it’s June already! The first half of the year has just zipped right by.  I’m really excited to share Dero’s Bride with you.  Of the Norlanian stories, his is one of my favorites.  I hope you enjoy visiting the planet of Norlan!

Dero’s Bride (Norlanian Brides Book 5)

Tarihn, an unmated female on the planet Norlan, has spent most of her life knowing that she’ll likely never be chosen as a mate because she’s sterile. She spends her days watching her people take soul mates from other planets and find happiness, but she knows she won’t ever be so lucky.

Dero lives on the forbidden side of the Issizlik Mountains. He’s never ventured to the other side of the mountain until now, when he and his people mount a mission to destroy the soul-walk machines used to abduct females from other planets, and the vaccinations that have caused the females to become sterile. What he doesn’t expect is to scent his own soul mate in the medical center, or for her to pass out in fear when they come face-to-face.

Dero has three days to convince Tarihn that they’re soul mates, or he’ll have to return her to her home and erase her memory. The thought of living without her for even a moment is too much for him to bear, and he’ll do everything in his power to ensure that she knows he wants to spend the rest of his life making her happy. Will she give him a chance to prove that they’re meant to be together, or will she want to go back to her own people?

~*~ Available for $2.99 ~*~

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~ Coming Soon & News ~

If you haven’t heard, the finale of the Wiccan-Were-Bear series is coming July 2!  You can find the pre-order links and see the amazing cover HERE.

On the horizon:  I’ve got a special shifter romance story coming out in mid-July, so stay tuned for the awesomesauce details.  And the 7th Wilde Creek book is coming out in early August, so be sure to watch for preorder links in the next few weeks!

Hugs & Happy Reading, RE

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