Pre-Order News: Bears, Christmas Alphas, & Gathering Darkness


November is going to be a busy month!  Not only is my favorite “food” holiday coming up in a few weeks (bring on the stuffing and the pumpkin pie!), but I have three new releases to celebrate!

I can’t believe that poor Daeton Stalking Horse has been waiting since 2012 for the rest of her story!  I can honestly say that it’s never taken me three years to write a story.  I never anticipated when I first wrote her character in A Curve of Claw that I would ever write not only one, but eventually two stories about the young bear shifter.

Daeton’s Journey (Wiccan-Were-Bear #10) – Available for Pre-Order NOW!daetons journey cover

After returning to her new home of Cholas in the Medes Realm, were-bear Daeton settles quickly into married life with her two sexy mates, Perseus and Ekho. When the arrival of her former were-bear protectors, Rysk and Tyrant, triggers a vision, Daeton and her husbands must prepare for danger from an unknown foe. Will Daeton and her mates survive the battle to come, or will they lose everything?

This book contains two sexy males intent on keeping their mate safe forever, a silver-furred bear shifter with a big heart, danger from a new foe, rescues, reunions, growling, shifting, and plenty of love. Contains m/f/m interaction.

~Releases November 15th – Available NOW for Pre-Order for 99 cents USD!~


Up next is my contribution to the Gathering Darkness boxed set!  Coming November 10th, the Gathering Darkness boxed set is full of sexy goodness!  I took the opportunity to start a new series about a secret were-zoo and the first guy looking for his mate is a sexy gorilla shifter!

Gathering+DarknessZane (Were-Zoo One)

Gorilla shifter Zane Keeton has spent the last twenty-seven years of his life at Amazing Adventures Safari Park, where shifters live in secret away from humans.  The enjoyment he gets from tuning up safari vehicles and hanging out in his shifted form for the park visitors has slowly ebbed, and now his thoughts are consumed with finding a mate of his own.

When human Adriana and her best friend, Celeste, receive free tickets for a VIP tour of the safari, they decide that it’s just the sort of exciting adventure that they’ve been waiting for.  But when their vehicles are separated, Adriana finds herself on the receiving end of unwanted attention from a creepy tour guide.  As the tour guide suddenly attacks her in front of the gorilla paddock, she’s rescued by an unlikely hero – one of the gorillas.

Adriana quickly discovers that her rescuer is no ordinary gorilla.  Not only are shifters real, but the gorilla who saved her life claims that she’s his soulmate.  Is she willing to let go of everything she knows and embrace being Zane’s mate?

**You can read Zane’s story and the others in the boxed set!  It’s available for pre-order everywhere!**

Amazon   B&N    iTunes    Kobo

Blitzen's Fated Mate - EBook 1333 x 2000I’m super excited to be releasing my first ever holiday story!  As part of the A Very Alpha Christmas boxed set, I started a new holiday series starring Santa’s reindeer – they’re sexy shifters of course!  A Very Alpha Christmas is releasing on November 17th.  Lock in the low pre-order price of 99 cents USD.  CLICK HERE FOR BUY LINKS!!!

Blitzen’s Fated Mate (Arctic Shifters One) part of the A Very Alpha Christmas Boxed Set is available for pre-order now and will release November 17th.

On Christmas Eve, romance writer Charli watches as something plummets to the woods behind her home.  When she investigates, she discovers an injured reindeer who quickly transforms into a man.

When arctic shifter Arian’s sleigh harness breaks during the Christmas Eve run, he knows he’s lucky to be alive after the fall.  But he’s even luckier to have found his fated mate in the alluring human, Charli.

When Arian contacts his people to tell them the news, he’s surprised to discover they don’t believe that Charli is his mate and are coming to see him before dawn on Christmas Day.  Arian refuses to consider a life without Charli, and will do whatever is necessary to ensure they’ll be together forever.


8 Responses to Pre-Order News: Bears, Christmas Alphas, & Gathering Darkness

  • Ann Ivey says:

    What an amazing collection of up-coming release. I can’t wait!!

  • Shawnnita says:

    Oh thank you RE I am so excited I pre ordered on both my kindle and Nook for Daetons Story I am so stoked can’t wait now I am counting down the days grr the 15th is so far away lol but I will hang I guess. I also pre ordered your other books yea for me I can’t wait and knowing you I will not be disappointed can’t wait have a great weekend Re hugs and kisses
    Love Shawnnita

    • rebutler says:

      Shawnnita, I can’t wait for them all to come out, too! Especially Daeton’s because I know the story has been long-awaited! Hugs & Kisses to you too, sweetie! Love, RE

  • lacombejc says:

    Awesome, I pre ordered all 3 books, Can’t wait to read them. Thanks so much!! 🙂

  • Peggy says:

    Will Blitzen’s Fated Mate be released on its own at a later date? Like Zane’s story for the Were-Zoo series.
    Also side note: Super excited about these two new series, Love both ideas and can’t wait to see where they lead =]

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Peggy! Yes, both Blizten and Zane’s stories will be released on their own next year after they’re done in the boxed sets. They will be the beginning of the new series. I plan to have at least one more book in the Were-Zoo series out in 2016 and two more in the Arctic Shifter series as well. I’m really excited about these two series as well, they’re a lot of fun to write! Thanks for stopping by! All the best, RE

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