Saber Chronicles Book One – Out Now!!


Hello!!  Even though it’s only been a few months since my last book came out, it feels like it’s been forever!  It’s why I’m so excited about the Saber Chronicles Series.  The four-book series is completed, and each one will be coming out every two weeks beginning today!  There’s no waiting months to find out what happens.  Each stand-alone book is about a new couple as each of the four Carmichael siblings find their mate, beginning with oldest brother Alaric and the sister of the vampire master of the fictional town of Belle Terra.  I’m so excited to share these stories with you, and I hope you come to love the Carmichael Clan as much as I have!  XOXO, RE

AlricsPerfectmate_3_2_FINALAlaric’s Perfect Mate (Saber Chronicles Book 1) – Available NOW!!!

When Aubrey Night receives an invitation to a new were-fighting sports arena, her brother sends her along with a few guards to see what the fights are all about. In spite of the glitz and glamour surrounding the event, she doesn’t expect to find her truemate among the fighters.

Saber-toothed tiger shifter Alaric Carmichael has been having mating dreams for the last year. After sharing his mating dream details with the owner of an underground shifter fighting group, he swore an oath that he and his saber pride would fight for the owner until they’ve all found their mates. As he fights every night, he begins to think it’s a lost cause, until one night when he scents his mate in the crowd.

Now, Alaric has a new purpose in life: making his mate deliriously happy. It’s a good thing she likes the way he purrs. Contains m/f interaction, a rare shifter, and the human who makes him purr.

Available NOW!   Amazon     Amazon UK    iTunes    B&N    Kobo    Smashwords

SladesFeistyMate_2_2Slade’s Feisty Mate (Saber Chronicles Book 2) – Releases October 4, 2015, available now for pre-order

Slade Carmichael, second oldest were-saber toothed tiger, is happy his brother Alaric found his mate. He can’t wait to begin mate-dreaming about his own mate and get started on the next chapter of his life.

She-wolf Gretchen Havers is thrilled her best friend, Aubrey, found her mate at the were-fights and is happy to help Aubrey’s new family get settled in the supernatural hotel where she works. It is just a typical night, until a sexy guy walks in the front door, locks eyes with her, and promptly passes out.

She never expected her mate to purr, but she’s thrilled she’s found her truemate. She’s always thought of wolves as being the most awesome shifters because of their hunting skills and pretty fur coats, but she’s beginning to think that tigers are pretty awesome too. Especially her truemate, who thinks she smells like butterscotch and likes how feisty she is.

Contains m/f interaction, a lot of pleasure, and several creamy puns.

Available for Pre-Order NOW!   Amazon     Amazon UK    iTunes    B&N    Kobo    Smashwords

2 Responses to Saber Chronicles Book One – Out Now!!

  • Shawnnita Miranda says:

    RE another well done book I think I will love this mini series just like I love all of your other series to bad it will only be a 4 book series but something is better than nothing in my opinion. I loved how Alaric and Aubrey come together and how everything just flowed. I received my book on Sunday and I got up at 6am to start reading it I couldn’t wait now I am waiting for Oct 4 to see what happens with Aubrey BFF Gretchen and Slade oh well the waiting is the hardest part but the outcome is awesome so I will wait.
    Thank you RE for giving your readers the most awesome series that we have a hard time putting down and then waiting on pins and needles for the next book in what ever series you are working on to come out next.

    Hugs & Kisses

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Shawnnita! Thank you so much! I’m thrilled you enjoyed Alaric’s story!! Sunday will be here super quick! You’re the sweetest, I look forward to your notes. You make me smile every time! Hugs & Kisses, RE

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