Saving Scarlett is Now Available!

Saving Scarlett-highresI’m so happy that Saving Scarlett is now available!  I have loved her character ever since I introduced her during Melody’s book.  I loved the idea of her being a Breeding Queen, of Ray and Wes wanting nothing more than to be with her again, and to visit with the mountain lions because I adore them.

I hope you enjoy her story as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Scarlett Jamison, the daughter of a powerful alpha wolf, knows her freedom is slowly slipping away. As a Breeding Queen, her hereditary destiny is to be given away to a male of her father’s choosing. She’ll have no say in the choice of her mate; her only duty will be to give her future mate as many pups as he wants. What her father doesn’t know, though, is that Scarlett took her best friend Melody’s wedding as an opportunity to spend the night with two amazing male mountain lions. They rocked her world and stole her heart, and then she had to leave them behind and cut all contact. Even though her heart protests that Wesley and Ray Fiero are her truemates, she has no choice but to obey her father…until a certain quirk in her DNA changes everything.

Ray and Wesley won’t give up on Scarlett. One night was not nearly enough for them. Finding Scarlett turns out to be easy. Taking her back to Ashland to live happily ever after? Now, that’s going to be dangerous. Ray and Wesley are willing to go to any length to protect Scarlett’s right to choose them no matter the cost, but when an innocent life is on the line, will the payment for her disobedience be blood?

This book contains one female who has her choices taken from her, two males determined to make her theirs, and a pride willing to help. Expect plenty of m/f/m interaction, abundant use of the word ‘mine,’ and inappropriate use of a horse statue.

You can find Scarlett’s story here:

Amazon US    Amazon UK    Apple iBooks    Barnes & Noble    Kobo

I’m co-hosting a party with my amazing author friend, KD Jones, for a Spring Fling Book Release Party to celebrate her upcoming release, Maxim, and my release of Saving Scarlett.  It’s Tuesday, April 14th, from 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm (eastern).  Come and stop by for some fun games & prizes!


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