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One of the questions I get asked the most is do I have a reading order for my books.  Well, now I do!  Only two of my series actually have spin-offs – The Wolf’s Mate (which led to Ashland Pride and Hyena Heat) and The Necklace Chronicles (which led to Norlanian Brides).

Below you’ll find the reading order for my stories, by series, including cross-over information for series that have spun-off from each other.

The Wolf’s Mate Series

Book One: Jason & Cadence

Book Two: Linus & The Angel

Book Three: Callie & the Cats

Ashland Pride Series

Seducing Samantha (Book 1)

Loving Lachlyn (Book 2)

Marking Melody (Book 3)

Redeeming Rue (Book 4)

Saving Scarlett (Book 5)

Chasing Cristabel (Book 6)

Book Four: Michael & Shyne

Hyena Heat Series

Every Night Forever (Book 1)

Every Dawn Forever (Book 2)

Every Sunset Forever (Book 3)

Every Blissful Moment (Book 4)

Every Heavenly Moment (Book 5)

       Every Miraculous Moment (Book 6)

Every Angelic Moment (Book 7)

Book Five: Bo & Reika

Book Six: Logan & Jenna

Book Seven: Lindy & The Wulfen

The Necklace Chronicles Series

The Tribe’s Bride (Book One)

The Gigolo’s Bride (Book Two)

Norlanian Brides Series

Paoli’s Bride (Book One)

Warrick’s Bride (Book Two)

Dex’s Bride (Book Three)

The Tiger’s Bride (Book Three)

The Alpha Wolf’s Mate (Book Four – Coming February 2018)


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