The Wolf’s Mate Book 7, Now Available for Pre-Order on Amazon!

Coming May 5th, the 7th book in The Wolf’s Mate series!!

It seems hard to believe that back in 2011, Lindy Vincent began her life as a bitchy antagonist in the first Wolf’s Mate book.  I hadn’t planned to write a book for her, but then she kept popping up in other books.  Like when she tried to seduce Bo in book five, or when she saved Jenna in book six.  And then when my editor was working on Logan’s book, she mentioned that she thought the idea of the “wulfen” (a man who is both wolf and fae) was intriguing and would make a good story, and my creative juices were stirred.

Lindy’s story is one of redemption – of making changes and trying to find happiness within – and what happens when a she-wolf and her wulfen truemate come together. *hint – much sexiness ensues!*

The book is available for pre-order only on Amazon for the moment.  It will be up for pre-order on other sites such as Apple iBookstore and Barnes & Noble in the next few weeks.

Final TWM_7 (large) copyThe Wolf’s Mate Book 7: Lindy & The Wulfen

After a devastating blow to her already fragile self esteem, werewolf Lindy Vincent has decided to stop being the pack whore and change her life for the better.  With the help of her two best friends, her alpha female, and a feisty she-wolf named Eula, Lindy starts down the road of self-improvement, happy for the first time in years.

Crimson Atarn is a Wulfen, a cross between a wolf and a fairy, and the only one of his kind.  After casting a spell for his truemate, he finds himself in the Mortal Realm rescuing the she-wolf meant to be his.  When someone from his past threatens Lindy, Crimson will show the realm why no one messes with a Wulfen’s mate.

This book contains one Wulfen with eyes only for his mate, a she-wolf trying to start her life over, and the spell that brings them together.  Expect plenty of shifting, growling, and neck biting, fairy magic, and gratuitous use of the word “mine.”


Lindy’s book is available for Pre-Order on AMAZON and AMAZON UK for $2.99.

I’m so excited to share the next installment in the wolf’s mate series with you all!  I can’t wait for May 5th!! XOXO, RE

16 Responses to The Wolf’s Mate Book 7, Now Available for Pre-Order on Amazon!

  • Judy Stone says:

    Looking forward to reading Lindy’s story. I love redemption stories, and this one promises to be a doozy. Gorgeous cover! Too bad he doesn’t have a brother!

    • rebutler says:

      Thanks, Judy! I hope you enjoy Lindy’s story when it comes out! I’m very happy she is finally getting her book. Hugs, RE

  • shauntih says:

    And ordered! I must admit, I didn’t like LIndy. I look forward to reading her story!

    • rebutler says:

      You’re not alone, Shauntih! I actually didn’t much care for her in the beginning, either, but she’s grown on me! Best, RE

  • OMG….I love this series…..I do not know where you found the guy on the cover but Lordy are his eyes beautiful….not to mention the rest of him. I plan on pre ordering this one!!!!! When Lindy helped Jenna I had a feeling she might get her own story someday!!!!!

    • rebutler says:

      Elaine, I know…the model is just gorgeous. When I saw his picture I knew immediately he was “Crimson”. That’s one of the reasons that Lindy did end up with her own story, because she popped into Logan’s book and I thought she’d probably been a pariah long enough! 🙂

  • Thank u so much I love your books

  • Janet Boutillier says:

    Ordered and cannot wait. This should be a really good story, but let’s say R.E. can’t write nothing but great stories. Keep them coming R.E.

  • Shawnnita says:

    Okay RE when can I get it on my Nook from B/N its available on amazon but not on B/n so not fair cant wait to order it but I am waiting please hurry RE love your series keep them coming.

    • rebutler says:

      I just uploaded the book to Smashwords, Shawnnita, so give it a week before it shows up on B&N, it can take a little while for it to get to them. Thank you so much for your support, you’re amazing! Hugs, RE

  • Judy says:

    May 10th?! That’s thirty-five days away. I feel like a little kid counting down the days until Christmas. Love your books R E. Thank you.

  • Autumn says:

    I stumbled across your books and I was intrigued. Now I’m hooked. Read them all and love them all. Still love to reread them whenever I get the urge. I’m looking forward to Lindy’s book, I knew you weren’t done with her. I’m also looking forward to more from the others. Can’t wait!!!

    • rebutler says:

      That’s so cool, Autumn! I’m so glad that you found me and have enjoyed my books! I hope that you enjoy Lindy’s story! All the best, RE

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