Wiccan-Were-Bear #7: Release Date and Details

In November, I will celebrate the two-year anniversary of the publication of my first book, A Curve of Claw.  Now, as I get ready to publish the seventh book in the series, I’m really amazed at how far I’ve come!  This book will be my nineteenth publication and bring me one book closer to finishing the series.  I will be sad to see the series come to an end, but also really glad to be able to continue to move on and focus on other things.  Jes’ book is one that I’ve been waiting for.  The dark-haired, bad-attitude falcon prince deserved to find happiness, and I’m glad that I was finally able to get his story finished.  Still to come in the series – Brone, Mishka, Adam, Tosh, a 2nd story for Daeton, and Elizabeth’s twin sons Teck & Shy.

This book, like all the other WWB books, will be 99 cents.

The official publication date is Friday, October 11.  It is available for PRE-SALE on Kobo and B&N ONLY.  It will be available for sale on the publication date on Smashwords and Amazon (as well as B&N and Kobo), and will follow on Apple, Diesel, and others a little later on.  I do wish it was available for pre-order on Amazon, but I don’t have the ability to do that as a self-pubbed author.

Final A Promise on White Wings (small) A Promise on White Wings (Wiccan-Were-Bear #7)

Taken in by a bear den as a child, Danika doesn’t know what she is, only that she’s all alone in the world.  A visit to a bear den in Northern Ohio brings her face to face with her future in the form of two males who are meant to be her mates.  She discovers that she’s not only the destined mate of the falcon Prince Jesuit and the white lion Prince Chance, but also the answer to a prophecy about a white-winged woman.  When a bear from her den makes a claim to her, her mates must fight for their right to her and to their future.

Warning:  Be prepared for a bear with a bad attitude trying to claim Danika for his own, two princes willing to die for their mate, and the woman who brings them and their people together.  Contains m/f/m interaction.

Pre-Order from Barnes & Noble HERE

Pre-Order from Kobo HERE

Haven’t read the first six books?  Catch up on Amazon, B&N, Apple, and Kobo!

Love the cover?  The sublimely talented Ramona at Romance Cover Designs handled it for me, and I love it.  She’s the perfect Danika!  I used a new editor this time around – Chelle at Literally Addicted to Detail – and she was fab!  She beta-read and I’m looking forward to working with her again in the future.  I also managed to snag a coveted spot with the awesome Amanda Pederick, who beta-read and edited.  And I wouldn’t be anywhere without the editing savvy of Jennifer Moorman, who lent her talents and time to me.  It goes without saying that I love my fans and the friends I’ve made since I started publishing.  Thank you for your amazing support.  I’m constantly humbled.  Until next time…XOXO, RE

17 Responses to Wiccan-Were-Bear #7: Release Date and Details

  • gerimm1 says:

    Can’t wait to read it.

  • Roberta Mason says:

    I can’t wait for it to be avalable for kindle by way of Amazon.

    • rebutler says:

      Roberta, I apologize for the late delay in responding, October just wizzed right by me! I hope that you enjoyed Jes’ stoy. I wish I could have released it for pre-order on amazon, but I’m glad to be able to say for sure when the books will come out on the site now, which is definitely an improvement! Hugs,RE

  • Christine LaCombe says:

    so excited, I can’t wait, and yes I love the cover

    • rebutler says:

      Christine, I hope you enjoyed the story! Thanks for the kudos on the cover, I think it’s a perfect representation of Danika, the heroine from the story. 🙂

  • barbara says:

    Can`t wait I already pre ordered it. Keep them coming

  • Linda says:

    Cannot wait, roll on Oct 11th. Thanks for the great reads.

  • Donna Reynolds says:

    OMG Happy early first published Birthday I can’t wait to get my hand on this book thank you for the good news that we don’t have much longer I love your books. <3

  • Shawnnita says:

    I have to say like everyone else I can’t wait I am happy to say I just put mine on order now the waiting begins grr. But on the upside I am so happy for you on the Birthday of your first published book its also the day I found you as my new favorite author and all the great books that you keep on giving to your loyal readers. I just hope that your last book is a reunion of everyone and the sister that had to go away to be protected just a thought : ) But no matter what RE I will be sad to see this series end it is the one book that got me hooked and made you one of my favorites and yes your right up there with Christine Feehan : ).

    Again Congrads on the Birthday


  • Jennifer says:

    Can’t wait super excited

  • wrongwaymichelle says:

    This reminded me how much I liked the first 2 books of this series. I went back and reread them and then bought and read the other 4 books I didn’t have. Such fun! Thank you!

  • Jennifer says:

    I can’t wait for it….loved the other books. I so pleased to hear there will be more stories. I’d like to see one for the tiger king as well, I believe his name was Midas.

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Jennifer! I hope you enjoyed Jes’ story! Yes, I do plan to write a series based on the tigers from the sixth book. I believe that Midas will get the first story in the series because he really does deserve his own HEA! Thanks for stopping by! Hugs, RE

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