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You may remember Adam Cruz as the best friend of Book 4 (The Omega’s Heart) hero, Jeremiah.  Adam first appeared in Book Two (The Alpha’s Heart), and from the moment I wrote him, I knew he would be getting his own story.  I love his character so much, and it’s such a joy to share his story with you!

Coming March 20, 2016Dancer's Heart #4t Final (large) copy

Dancer’s Heart (Wilde Creek 6)

Adam Cruz has spent the last twelve years of his life wondering if he’d ever find his truemate.  As a low-ranked omega wolf, with a body full of scars from a firebomb, he’s had more than his fair share of trauma and shame.  All he wants is to find his truemate and settle down, even though he wonders if his mate will care about his scars, or that he can’t hunt as well as other wolves because of them.

As the only reindeer shifter in a bear den, Dancer Grayson knows what it’s like not to fit in.  When she runs into her truemate in the woods of Wilde Creek, she discovers that she fits right in with him.  Adam’s not ashamed to have prey as a mate, and she’s not ashamed of his scars.  Together, she’s certain they can survive anything.

When Adam’s gambling-addict dad hits him up for money and Adam refuses, his dad does the unthinkable, and Dani ends up kidnapped.  What the kidnappers don’t count on is that there isn’t just a wolf pack looking for Dani, but her own kind.  Can Adam get to her before she’s harmed, or will she be lost to him forever?

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I have recently put the entire Wolf’s Mate series into Kindle Unlimited!  If you’ve never read about the Tressel Wolf Pack or the mostly-shifter town of Allen, Kentucky, now is your chance to pick them up!

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