Hyena Heat Series

Every Night Forever Final Copy copyEvery Night Forever (Hyena Heat One) – December 2012

After narrowly avoiding a personal disaster, she-wolf Alyssa Morgan can’t wait to leave her wolf pack and start her life over. Trying to rebuild her shattered self-esteem, she swears off relationships. When she accepts a job at Stone’s gym, working for three hunky were-hyena brothers, she discovers the hardest thing she ever had to do wasn’t leaving her pack, but keeping them at arm’s length.
Dante, Cairo, and Mason Stone have been unlucky in love. As were-hyenas, they need to share a mate, and they hadn’t found the right woman… until Alyssa walks through the door. But the sweet she-wolf is anything but interested in a relationship with them. Oppressed within her wolf pack, she doesn’t see herself as worthy of their affection. When her life is threatened and they almost lose her, they decide it’s time to convince her that she is their mate and they are perfect for each other.
This story contains one she-wolf trying to find herself, three overprotective were-hyenas with love on their minds, m/f/m/m interaction, neck biting, and symbolic tattoos.
Final Every Dawn Forever (small)Every Dawn Forever (Hyena Heat Two) – July 2013

When Orion and his were-hyena clan rescue a she-wolf hiding in a bus station bathroom, they had no idea that they would be staring into the tear-filled eyes of their mate.  They’ll do anything to keep her safe and make her theirs forever, even if it means keeping her at arms’ length.

Sydney Nichols never believed she would know what freedom felt like until she found a way to escape her abusive mate.  But before she escaped, her mate did something to her, and she’s unable to hide the effects of his tampering when the group is stranded overnight during a storm.  When the truth comes out, will they forgive her and embrace their future, or will she lose the only good thing she’s ever had?

Contains m/f/m/m interaction.

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aEvery Sunset Forever (Hyena Heat Three) – August 12, 2014

Raised by wolves, were-hyena Whisper Callahan has spent the better part of her life struggling to fit into a world where she’s the odd one out.  Her adopted family loves her, of that she has no doubt, but now they’re encouraging her to connect with her own kind.  At an annual gathering of unmated were-hyenas in Pennsylvania, Whisper finds herself torn between the past she never knew and the family who raised her as their own.

Were-hyenas Nyte, Azrael, and Fade don’t expect much to come from the gathering except a few days off from work at Stone’s Gym in Dalton, Kentucky.  They don’t expect to follow the sound of tears and find their mate crying in the woods.  And they certainly don’t expect to find themselves trying to protect her from her own family while she comes to terms with all that she learns about herself and her past.  But hyenas are nothing if not protective of their mates, and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to keep her safe.  And keep her forever.

It wouldn’t be a Hyena Heat novel without plenty of hot m/f/m/m loving, three males that would do anything for their mate, and a female that is in need of love.  Expect plenty of possessive behavior and excessive use of the word ‘mine’.

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Every Blissful Moment-highresEvery Blissful Moment (Hyena Heat Four) – June 20, 2015

Non-shifting wolf Bliss Roberts imagined the most exciting thing in her future would be her honeymoon with her three gorgeous hyena husbands. She never expected them to get lost in the mountains on the way home and stumble upon a young owl shifter being forced to mate with a much older male. When Bliss helps the girl escape, her people demand that Bliss and her husbands become the evening’s pleasure sacrifice instead.

Memphis Gable and his brothers Lincoln and Rome knew their wife was a spitfire with a wounded heart, but they didn’t expect to have to defend her to a group of deadly owl shifters. To protect her, they’ll give the owls just a taste of the passion they share with their bride. When Bliss accidentally drinks too much of an aphrodisiac, the hyena clan’s good intentions may be overwhelmed by her out-of-control lust. Can they keep a lid on their sweetheart’s passion, or will the owls demand everything they have to give?

It wouldn’t be a Hyena Heat novel without scorching m/f/m/m sex, three males who would strip naked in a heartbeat to save their mate, and the sweet woman who has claimed their hearts. This book contains a young woman in need of rescuing, dangerous owl shifters who glow when they’re turned on, mating, claiming, growled obscenities, and frequent use of the word ‘mine.’

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every-heavenly-moment-highresEvery Heavenly Moment (Hyena Heat Five) – February 5, 2017

She-hyena Heaven Gable has known since the moment she met wolf brothers Kross and Kayne Callahan that they were meant to be her mates.  Unfortunately, they don’t seem to want anything to do with her, and she finds herself feeling worthless and unlovable.

Kross and Kayne never meant to hurt Heaven by staying away from her.  Both males have demons haunting them from their past, but they’re willing to face them if Heaven will give them one more chance to prove that they’re worthy.  When they convince her to spend time in Beyton so they can romance her properly, they find themselves as acting-alphas for the month while their dad goes on an impromptu vacation.

Disgruntled, low-ranked wolves within the pack decide to take the opportunity of the alpha’s absence to take over the pack.  When Heaven gets caught in the crossfire as the wolves battle for dominance, will Kross and Kayne be able to save her or will they lose the only person who matters?

Hyenas aren’t the only ones who love their mates fiercely.  Kross and Kayne will do everything in their power to prove to Heaven that they can be the right mates for her, and that they’ll do anything to keep her safe and keep her forever.  Expect plenty of howling, shifting, neck-biting, alpha males, and red-hot loving.  Contains m/f/m interaction.

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every-miraculous-moment-highres-1Every Miraculous Moment (Hyena Heat Six) – February 5, 2017

Dragon shifter Miracle Caprice has finally set herself free from her twenty-year arranged mating to an alcoholic, philandering male. As one of the few female dragons in her clan, she finally has an opportunity to make her own mating choices. With her elderly parents’ blessing and the encouragement of her best friend, she heads to a shifters-only island in Florida to participate in the supernatural version of a singles’ party. Armed with a new tattoo symbolizing her freedom, a few sexy bikinis, and the weight of her unhappy mating off her shoulders, she’s ready for anything.

Mack Callahan, alpha of the Beyton wolf pack, has spent the last twenty-three years alone, since his mate was killed during a full moon hunt. Now that his adopted children are mated and starting their own families, he’s finally ready to focus on himself. After accepting an invitation to a shifter island with the purpose of finding his future mate, he says goodbye to his kids and steps down from his position as alpha for thirty days. He’s not sure that spending a month on an island with a bunch of unmated shifters is going to pan out, but he’s looking forward to the time away.

When Miracle and Mack meet, sparks will fly, but they won’t be the only ones who notice. Miracle’s ex isn’t about to let his mate fly off into the sunset with a wolf shifter; he wants to make her pay. Can Mack protect Miracle, or will their life together be over before it’s begun?

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Every Angelic Moment (Hyena Heat Seven) – November 12, 2017

Angel Cooper didn’t expect to love working at a campground run by hyena shifters in Pennsylvania, but she feels like she’s finally found the place she belongs. She’s happier than she’s ever been, even if she wouldn’t mind meeting Mr. Right sometime soon. Her sort-of adopted sister, Brierley, is certain that Angel is meant to be the special mate to a hyena clan, but Angel’s not so sure.

Brin, Ian, and Quill Mercer left New Jersey with their father’s ashes and their tails between their legs. They’d spent the better part of their lives believing that their father had found the perfect mate for them, but it had all been a terrible lie. Brin and Quill are ready to move on and find a special woman to share for the rest of their lives, but middle brother Ian can’t let go of the pain that their father’s obsession and betrayal left him with. Ian doesn’t trust himself to be their clan’s protector, and deals with his sleepless nights by joining an underground were-fighting tournament. Fighting keeps him sane, but not happy.

When Angel heads into the woods to pick flowers, she follows an enticing scent to a campsite, where she meets the three sexiest men she’s ever laid eyes on. Ian explains the violent way he’s been spending his nights, but after meeting her, he’s walking away from the fights for good. Not everyone is happy about Ian’s change of heart, and when a sweet little owl shifter is caught in the crossfire, Ian will make sure that no one ever crosses his family again.

Be prepared for three hyenas who will do anything to make their mate happy, a human with a heart big enough for her clan, sexy times galore, plenty of growling, and a happily ever after worth fighting for. Contains m/f/m/m interaction.

*Contains a bonus 14,000 word novella – The Owl’s Minotaur*
Brierley Pine has spent the last nine months wondering what her future holds. Set free from her owl-shifter nest by a kind-hearted wolf named Bliss, she’s happy working in the hyena campground, but she’s ready to start the next chapter of her life. When her sort-of adopted sister, Angel, introduces Brierley to her new hyena mates, she has a dream about a large bull and knows that he’s her truemate.
When Wallace, the owner of an illegal were-fighting group, tries to kidnap Angel to force her mate to continue to fight for him, Brierley is abducted instead. Although she’s frightened, she’s positive that Wallace knows where her truemate is. She’ll do anything to find him, even willingly go with her abductors.

Axtyn, a rare minotaur shifter, is in trouble. Now that he’s reached the age of twenty-four, he’s losing the ability to control his shifted form. Twice in the illegal fights he’s lost control and shifted, killing his opponents. Wallace has relegated him to a bodyguard position and forbidden him from shifting. The only cure for his debilitating control issue is to find his truemate, but where she is or how to find her is a mystery. He just knows that unless he finds her soon, he’ll eventually shift into his minotaur form and be stuck like a monster forever.

Axtyn will protect Brierley at any cost. When the fights are over, though, he’s not sure how he fits into his new mate’s world. Brierley refuses to give up on him, determined to build a life together. This book contains a feisty female owl, a minotaur who would die to keep his mate safe, and the illegal fights that bring them together.

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**This Series is Closed at 7 Books**





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  • Ann Parker says:

    Is there a date yet for the release of the second hyena heat book ?

  • mandi handy says:

    the release date is on the 15th of July according to post on facebook, I am looking forward to reading it and am very excited

  • jaime says:

    WOO-HOO!!! I can’t wait! Thank you!!!

  • Blanca says:

    Oh yea!!! already in my calendar!!

  • Kim says:

    Yea, I can’t wait. I really liked the first one and have been waiting for the next.

  • Nina says:

    Is there a date for the 3rds Hyena?

  • Peggy says:

    The first of the series was awesome can’t wait till the second is available =D

  • Eva says:

    I just finished reading the second book {LOVED IT} and hyped up about number three. Any release dates set up yet for “Hyena Heat Three”?

    • rebutler says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Eva! I haven’t settled on a publication date right now, but it won’t be until next year. I might tentatively say spring to start with, but if you stay tuned to the website, I’ll be sure to update as I see how things go. Best, RE

      • Eva says:

        Thank you for answering. I know you get that question a lot, so I won’t ask again. 🙂 keep putting out great books, I will buy them.

        • rebutler says:

          Eva, I am always happy to answer questions and it thrills me when people want to know when the “next” book of mine will be out. 🙂 I’m so happy to have you as a fan and thank you for your sweet enthusiasm. All the best, RE

  • grneyedelf says:

    OMG R.E. I just finished reading it as always amazing! If I could have one wish/dream come true it would be to have a window to your mind so i wouldn’t have to wait between books, your simple the best author ever! I hope your enjoying your summer. Jeny xoxo

    • rebutler says:

      Oh, Jeny, you are so awesome! Thank you for the amazing compliment. I’m so happy that you enjoyed the book, and I’m glad to have you as a fan. Best, RE

      • Jenny says:

        will a new book be coming out in August? If so which one? Hope your summer is turning out good:-) xoxo Jenny

        • rebutler says:

          Hi Jenny! The next book out will be the 2nd mountain lion book, which should be out towards the end of August/beginning of September. I’ll post on the website and FB when I know the finalized date.

  • Jess says:

    Finished the 2nd book in one day! It was amazing, I love those hyena’s. Can’t wait till your next book comes out

    • rebutler says:

      Thanks so much, Jess! I’m glad that you enjoyed the 2nd book! I’ve started #3 and am hopeful to have it out next year. Will post on the site when I know more!

  • Peggy says:

    When will the second book be available on ibooks?

    • rebutler says:

      Peggy, it should be on available in the iBookstore in a few weeks. You can purchase the right file from Smashwords now and load it onto your iBooks app if you don’t want to wait. 🙂

  • I just got finished with every dawn forever and I loved it. I can’t wait for the 3rd book when will that be or do you know yet.

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Stephany! I’m so glad that you enjoyed Sydney’s story. I have just now begun to write the third story in the series and I don’t expect it to be out prior to early next year, possibly spring. I will post on the blog when I know more about the anticipated publication date. Thanks for stopping by! Best, RE

  • marlene gilger says:

    the 2nd book was awesome cant wait until the 3rd

  • Judy Stone says:

    Every Dawn Forever was wonderful. Something tells me that they’ll need a bigger nursery soon. 🙂

    Looking forward to book 3.

    • rebutler says:

      Hee hee! Thank you, Judy! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book! I really loved writing Sydney’s story and look forward to checking back in with them again. 🙂

  • ji says:

    So looking forward to to the third book .
    Do you have a tentative date for when it will be out?

    • rebutler says:

      Hi ji! I would like to estimate that the next hyena book will be out in the spring, but I don’t know at this point when it will come out. I definitely want the third book out next year, so keep your fingers crossed! 🙂

  • Eva says:

    Sooooo ready! 😀

  • Nicola says:

    R.E can I just say that I love the Hyena Heat books! I cannot wait for the third book! I am currently off work at the moment and all your books are the perfect distraction! Xx

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Nicola, I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the hyena heat books! I hope to have the third book out next year. I love the series, too, so sexy and fun to write and definitely a good distraction! Best, RE

  • Ive read most of your books and I have to say,Your books rock. I can’t wait for the next antenna heat. They are my favorite ones so far. I can’t put my kindle down. Keep up your amazing work..

    • rebutler says:

      Thank you so much, Peggy! I’m hoping to have the next Hyena Heat book out mid-next-year and will be sure to post on the blog when I know more! Thanks for stopping by! All the best, RE

  • Lex says:

    I love the hyena heat books and the Ashland pride series but I have to ask if Teller will get his own book in the wolfs mate series?

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Lex! Yes, Teller is on my list of characters that will get the next book. I haven’t decided yet who will get the next book, but he’s on the short-list – Teller, Lindy, Ben – and I just need a visit from the muse to get me going on his story, LOL. Thanks for stopping by! All the best, RE

  • Blanca says:

    I love and follow all your series, so….when is your next one coming out? thanks!

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Blanca! The next book coming out will be Jes’ book, #7 in the Wiccan Were Bear series, which will be out on October 11. Thanks for the great compliment and for stopping by! Best, RE

  • Angel Knopp says:

    to be honest, I think it is time that a female got a look in, so I think Lindy should be the one.

  • When is the 3rd book coming out

  • Jennifer says:

    When is every sunset forever going to be conning out?

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Jennifer! I don’t know yet, but don’t anticipate it being out until the summer, depending on writing and editing. Thanks for stopping by! Hugs, RE

  • Brenda says:

    Is there a release date for Every Sunset Forever?

    • rebutler says:

      Not yet, Brenda. I hope sometime in the coming summer, but depends on how writing and editing go. Thanks for stopping by! Hugs, RE

  • Kim says:

    I just signed up for the email blot so I keep better track of when your new books are coming out. Ive read all of the wolf’s mates; were bear and hyena heat and have loved them all. Looking forward to reading the ashland pride series and the rest of the books you write!

    • rebutler says:

      Glad you were able to sign up, Kim! I hope you enjoy Ashland and the rest of my stories! Thanks for stopping by! All the best, RE

  • Dianna Rexroth says:

    Do you know when the next heina heat series comes out

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Dianna! Not until the summer most likely. I haven’t gotten too far into the 3rd book, so I don’t have a firm idea of when it will be ready. Will post on the blog and FB page, though, as I know more. Thanks for stopping by! Best, RE

  • Dianna says:

    Do you know when the next wolf mate book is coming out?

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Dianna! I hope to have the 7th book out in the late spring/early summer depending on writing/editing. I’ll post on the blog when I know more. 🙂

  • Kerry mcgregor says:

    I can’t stop reading your books. I just love the hyena heat series. I hope you keep them coming. I think I have read your last hyena book about six time. Thank you.

    • rebutler says:

      Kerry, thank you so much for the amazing compliment! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my books. I have Whisper’s book (#3 in the Hyena Heat series) in early draft stages now and I hope to have it out in the summer or fall of this year. I’m excited for her book and to see Nyte, Fade & Azrael get their mate! Thank you so much for stopping by! All the best, RE

  • Darlene Reid says:

    I can’t wait for book three of the hyena heat series. I like the story line in all your books I can’t put the book down until I finish it that’s good the story is to me. Thanks you!!!!

    • rebutler says:

      I’m glad that you enjoyed the first two books in the hyena heat series. I hope that the third book will be out later on this year but I don’t have a timeframe yet. 🙂

  • Peg says:

    I really have admired your books so far; trying to keep up with all the various series – looking forward to more….

  • Emily says:

    I really love your books. Have you got a release date for your next Hyena Heat book 3 and wolfs mate, please.

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Emily! The 7th wolf’s mate book should be out in May. I don’t know for sure when yet, but should know in the next few weeks. For Hyena Heat I don’t know, hopefully in the fall but I’m not certain at this point. 🙂

  • Lisa Minto says:

    I really enjoy reading your books. I am also interested in the release for Hyena Heat book 3. I loved the Wolf’s Mate series.

    • rebutler says:

      So glad to hear you’ve enjoyed my books, Lisa! I hope that hyena heat 3 will be out later this year but I don’t know for sure yet. The 7th wolf’s mate book should be out in May. 🙂

  • Emily says:

    That’s great i can’t wait.I have read all of your books over and over again loved them all. 🙂

  • karra says:

    hi I love all your books I own them all and have read and reread them many times I love your work
    do u have a date for the next Wilde Creek and the next one of each of your series 🙂

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Karra! The Alpha’s Heart (Wilde Creek 2) will be out April 10th! I’m so glad that you’ve enjoyed my stories! That’s so awesome! Hugs, RE

  • Tracey Burton says:

    I’ve just downloaded all your books to my kindle and can’t tell begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed them all. Thank you so much

  • Kate says:

    I love this series so much! I really didn’t think I would after first reading about the hyenas in The Wolf’s Mate series, but there is so much more to them than you saw in that book. I cannot wait for the third book to come out!

    • rebutler says:

      I’m so glad you enjoy the hyena series, Kate! I love them, too. I’m currently working on the third book and really enjoying it! I hope it will be out towards the end of August! All the best, RE

  • melissa says:

    Love all your books especially the hyena heat been patiently waiting for the third since reading two last July. Hope you release it soon. Cant wait for any new releases though so what is coming out next.

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Melissa! Hyena Heat 3 will be out in early August! Before then, I’ll be releasing another wiccan-were-bear, most likely towards the end of July! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my stories!

  • ruth edwards says:

    thank you, I was waiting for this book like forever, please say you won’t end the series..;-)

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Ruth! No, I’m not ending the Hyena Heat series! I have six more books planned at a minimum. You’ll get to meet the heroes and heroines that will make up the next three books in Every Sunset Forever. 🙂

  • Carrie says:

    Just heard about the release of hyena heat 3. It comes out on my birthday, so happy birthday to me… I cant wait, R. E. Butler you are the best. Keep up the great work!

    • rebutler says:

      Thank you so much, Carrie! Happy early birthday to you! I’m glad you’re looking forward to the third book, I am excited to share what I think might be my new favorite story! 🙂

  • ruth edwards says:

    WoW I cant wait, and I am so thankful the series will not end. I love every single book you have written.

  • mumchie2000 says:

    I already have mine pre-ordered

  • Tina says:

    In Every Night Forever when they are going to dinner with their cousins who was driving the vehicle?

    • rebutler says:

      Someone else asked me that question recently, lol…it was clearly just a mistake in editing and I missed that part. I would say one of the cousins most likely. 🙂

  • christina bedard says:

    i preorderd book 3 on 27 of july and it told me i wood get it when it come out on the 12 of aug for my kobo way have i not got it yet

  • Tracey Burton says:

    I just wanted to say a big thank you I love all your books and have now got my sister reading them too…… of course if you could write a new book each week that would be great…..lol. no all joking aside thank you again I love all the series, I think ashland pride band hyena are my favourite.

    • rebutler says:

      LOL, Tracey! I promise I’m writing as fast as I can. I would love to be able to write a book a week!! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my stories and have shared them with your sister, too! That means the world to me! Hugs, RE

  • Pamela says:

    Is there a Hyena Heat 4 coming.? In #3 new cousins were mentioned.

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Pamela! Yes, there will be at least six more books in the hyena heat series – Books 4 through 6 will feature Whisper’s brothers (hyena and wolf) and cousins, books 7 through 9 will feature new clans that appeared at the gathering, and then…I might go back to Dalton for another three books, the other cousins mentioned as part of Dante’s baro. I love the hyena world and don’t want it to end, lol. 🙂

  • mumchie2000 says:

    Yes would like to know the same thing. Love the series.

    • rebutler says:

      I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the series! I do plan to write many more stories in the series, the hyenas are very special to me! I have plans for the cousins (both Whisper’s and Dante’s) as well as some other clans from the gathering. I think I could keep writing about clans forever, lol. Next up in the series will be Bliss’ book, though, with her mates. Best, RE

  • mumchie2000 says:

    love the series. can’t wait to read all the rest to come. it is a really good series. can not put it down until i finish the whole book, even if it means taking my laptop with me all the time. my family just shakes their head at me anymore. it use to be books now it is my laptop.

  • Crystal says:

    Love all the books. Have read them several times. Will Kross and Kayne be getting there own story?

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Crystal, thanks so much! Yes, Kross and Kayne will be getting the fifth book in the series, after Bliss’ story. I love their characters and can’t wait for their story to be told.

  • Crystal says:

    Love all your books. Have read them all several times. Looking forward to the fourth installment of Ashland Pride. Will Kross and Kayne be getting there own story?

    • rebutler says:

      I hope you enjoy the new Ashland Pride book when it comes out! Yes, Kross & Kayne will get their own story, #5 in the series. 🙂

  • Pamela says:

    Silly question, but even though I buy every e-book you have available, I really enjoy audiobooks too. (Got to get some things done in a day!). Is there a chance that your publishers will release your fabulous tales on audible.com??

    • Tina Conger says:

      Don’t do Audible if you do put them on audio book use graphic audio. Completely cast and sound effects. I can’t listen to any other kind now.d

      • rebutler says:

        Hi Tina! I haven’t heard of that, sounds very cool. I have one on audio now from audible and I enjoyed putting it together. 🙂

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Pamela! I have only one book out on audio – The Wolf’s Mate Book One. I do hope to continue to put more books out on audio, but I haven’t had time in my schedule to devote to it. Thanks for stopping by!! All the best, RE

  • michela says:

    Totally love your books I feel like I’m apart of the adventure hehehe can’t wait for Bliss story to come out, do you have a date for that one….I kno you said after her story is kross and Kane but what about Angel will she be getting a story?

    • rebutler says:

      Thank you so much, Michela! I’m excited for Bliss’s story, too!! Yes, Angel will be getting a story as well. I’ve actually figured that Angel will get book #5 and Kross & Kayne will be getting #6. 🙂

  • mumchie2000 says:

    love the series and can’t wait for more to come out

  • Mary says:

    Is there a release date for Bliss’s story yet? So looking forward to it!! Have also pre-ordered Scarlet’s story, so am looking forward to more of Ashland Pride!

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Mary! I don’t have a release date yet for Bliss but it will be June. I should know more in a couple weeks once it’s back from the editor. I hope you enjoy Scarlett’s book, I’m really excited for her story to be out and to have some more time with the mountain lions. Love those cats!

  • sue ann thwaite says:

    Just bought and read all 3 Hyena heat series in the last 2 days! Now I am obsessed for Bliss’ story ,Angel Kanye etc. Any idea when it will be available?Found this series while pre ordering Scarletts story. LOVE your books , great story line , series, NOT serial, characters I care about.
    Please write faster….

    • rebutler says:

      Aw, Sue I love your comments, thank you so much! I have just finished writing Bliss’s story and it’s heading to the editor soon. I hope to have it out in June, but I don’t have a firm publication date yet. Soon, though! I don’t know who will be the next book after Bliss – Kayne/Kross or Angel – I’m waiting for some inspiration. I promise I’m writing as fast as I can. 🙂

  • Dawn says:

    OMGosh, the best news is when I came to this link to find out about possible books in the works. Just read that Bliss and her guys will be coming some time in June. Totally made my night. Love reading your work, fantastic stories that has kept me hooked.

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Dawn! I’m so glad you’re excited about Bliss’s story! I hope to have more details about Bliss’s book in the next couple of weeks, I can’t wait to share her story! Thank you so much for stopping by to say hello, you made my night! All the best, RE

  • Adi says:

    Greetings from Mexico! 🙂 I think I read all your books in about a week (no joke). I didn’t sleep, but was totally worth it. I’m looking forward to reading more of the Hyena Heat Series! Actually, I’m just looking forward to any books you write (I’m counting the hours until I can finally read Saving Scarlett). You rock! Thanks for the great stories!!!

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Adi! That is totally awesome, I love it! 🙂 I’m actually editing the fourth Hyena Heat book right now, and hope to have it out in early June! I’m really excited to share Bliss’s story! I hope that you enjoy Scarlett’s book now that it’s out, too! Thank you so much for stopping by! Hugs, RE

  • Lisa says:

    Love all ur book in the series you have did can’t wait for more 🙂

  • Mary says:

    When is the 5th book in the hyena series coming out. I have fell in love with all your books. I’m excited about the next one.

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Mary! Not until next year. Angel, Kross, and Kayne’s story is one I’m looking forward to writing. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my stories! Best, RE

  • ladyxiane says:

    I was just getting updated on all your book series to make sure I haven’t missed any new releases… have read everyone of your books except the necklace chronicles. Love them all. but I noticed on the hyena heat listing you have “every blissful moment” as a title for book 4 and 6, don’t get me wrong I loved bliss’ story but I’m a little confused is bliss getting a second book?

    • rebutler says:

      Oops! No, she’s not getting a second book! I’ve fixed the error – the 6th book will be Angels – Every Angelic Moment. Thanks for letting me know! Best, RE

  • Peggy says:

    I love this series and I am excited for future stories to be added. =D I was curious on if you have thought about giving Quill, Ian, and Brin their own story. By the end of Every Sunset Forever instead of seeing them as the bad guys it felt more like just three misguided he-hyenas trying for love. I don’t know if this idea would work or if other readers/fans would like this but I had a thought that it would be kinda interesting if Angel was their mate but I am unsure where your muse will take you.

    Thank you for writing amazing stories for me to get lost in and reading this post.

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Peggy! Thank you so much for your kind words! I am currently focused on the fifth book in the hyena heat series and very much looking forward to seeing what happens with Kross, Kayne, and Heaven, which I hope will be out next year. Thanks again for being so sweet and kind! All the best, RE

  • Well 2016 is officially here and I’m looking forward to seeing what the smoking hot wolves have in store for their hyena.

  • Mara Swain says:

    When will Krosd Kayne and Heavens story be coming out.. I know it takes time but I’m excited to read it

    • rebutler says:

      I’m hoping to have their story out later this year. I’m working on it and several other stories. I’m really excited about their story, too! 🙂

  • Tracey Diczban says:

    I just ordered “Every Heavenly Moment” and “Every Miraculous Moment” and I can’t wait! I added one to my book list “Every Angelic Moment”. Is this one going to be a story or is it just renamed “Every Heavenly Moment? Thanks.

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Tracey! No, Every Angelic Moment isn’t the same as book 6 – Every Heavenly Moment. When I wrote Book 5 (Every Heavenly moment), I decided to write a new story for Mack, the alpha wolf mentioned in books 3 & 4, so I made his story – Every Miraculous Moment – Book 6. Every Angelic Moment will be book 7, the last in the series and feature Angel, the human woman mentioned in Books 3 & 4. I hope that helps & sorry for any confusion!!

  • Bex says:

    I love these books and I understand that a series ends but I thought the clans that were mentioned in Whisper’s books as wanting to join the Stone barou would get there own stories as well.

    • rebutler says:

      I’m glad to hear you’ve enjoyed the series, Bex. The truth is that I could keep going forever with new clans, but other stories have taken precedence for me, so I’ve opted to end Hyena Heat with book 7. In the future, I might pick up the books again and go back to Kentucky to pick up where we left off. I never say never when it comes to the muse! Thanks for your note! RE

  • Mara says:

    When will book seven be coming out I’m anxious to read it

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Mara! This fall. Maybe September or October, depending on how fast the story gets through editing!

  • Rebecca says:

    I was actually hoping for an HEA for Quill, Brin, and Ian (the kidnapper’s sons from #3. Those poor guys seem to have as sad a back story as any of your heroines, and deserve someone to love them for themselves..

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Rebecca! You’ll be pleased to know that Brin, Quill, and Ian appear as the main characters in the final book in the series which I hope will be out later this fall. I loved their characters very much, too! All the best, RE

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