The Necklace Chronicles Series

The Tribe’s Bride (The Necklace Chronicles Book One)

When a university job interview goes south, Carrie Wade isn’t certain that she’ll ever find work in her field of ancient Native American Culture.  Knowing the only job waiting for her is waitressing at a coffee house, Carrie indulges in a post-disappointment shopping trip.  An old necklace in an antique store window catches her eye and she immediately feels as if she cannot walk away without owning it.  The very last thing she needs to do is squander her savings by investing in a necklace that may have, at one time, belonged to one of the tribes she studied…but she can’t help herself.

When she tries on the precious necklace at home, she passes out and wakes up in the tent of the necklace’s original owners, three Native American tribesmen from the late 1600s.  Will she be able to get back home to the future, or will she find out that the one place she was always meant to be was back in time as the tribe’s bride?

This novella contains m/f/m/m interaction, three handsome brothers that will do anything for each other and their woman, and a magical necklace that brings them all together.

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Gigolo's BrideThe Gigolo’s Bride (The Necklace Chronicles Book Two )

Sold into slavery…

Only one person can truly set former sex slave Eden Atarn free:  his soul mate.

Taken from her planet…

When Ashleigh Turner receives a beautiful necklace as a gift from a secret admirer, she has no idea who it came from.  When another delivery shows up at her home, instead of finding out who sent her the necklace, she finds herself transported onto an alien spaceship as it speeds her away from earth.

Will she be what he needs or find herself a slave as well…

On a planet where forced prostitution is a punishment and young adults are sold by their families for money, Ashleigh must decide if she can be what Eden needs when she comes face to face with what he once was.  Will she always want to go home, or will she find that the place she longs to be most is in Eden’s arms?

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tigers-brideThe Tiger’s Bride (The Necklace Chronicles Book Three)

As the last golden-furred tiger shifter in existence, Charisma Gains knows that his best chance to find his soulmate is on the All Hallows’ Eve full moon. With an enchanted medallion in hand, Charisma casts the spell for his soulmate, hoping against hope that the necklace will find the one woman meant to be his. Unless he finds his other half, he’ll go feral, his beast slowly taking over.

When Valerie Winter sees a beautiful necklace with the image of a tiger on it at a flea market, she’s overcome with the desire to own it. With the cryptic words of the merchant ringing in her ears, she takes the necklace home and puts it on before the moon rises on All Hallows’ Eve. She passes out and wakes up in the woods, face-to-face with a big cat.

Valerie is asked to believe the impossible: that shifters exist, that the man before her can change into a tiger at will, and that she was destined to own the necklace because they’re soulmates. Charisma knows it won’t be easy to convince Valerie of the truth in the span of a day, but if she refuses his advances, the necklace will return her to her home and he’ll lose her forever. What he doesn’t expect is interference from the very wiccan who helped him, and for Valerie’s life to be on the line.

*This book appeared in the Shifters Hallows Eve boxed set. If you already own that boxed set, please do not purchase this book!*

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The Alpha Wolf’s Mate (The Necklace Chronicles Book Four – Bad Alpha Dads)

February 13, 2018

Ryde Mitchell, alpha of the largest wolf pack on the Eastern seaboard, has no time for anything but ruling his pack. The only bright spot in his life is his daughter, Brigelle, who at age seven has managed to wrap him entirely around her pink-polished fingers. He knows that Bri should have a mother, but he can’t spare the time to even consider choosing a female from his pack to mate, and assures his sweet daughter that he’ll have time for her as soon as pack tensions settle down. When Bri decides to cast a spell on her father’s behalf to bring him the perfect mate, she has no idea the storm of trouble she’s bringing their way. All she wanted was for her dad to have a mate and for her to have a mom. She didn’t want to put her father’s life, or her own, on the line.

As the sister of the vampire mistress of the city of Arbor, Dominique Tremaine has seen her share of weird. Born into a powerful family, she spends her time dealing with the vampires in their large kiss and helping keep their city safe from encroaching shifters, who would just as soon stake them as form alliances. When she finds a beautiful necklace hanging from her vanity mirror, she assumes it’s a gift from her sister and puts it on. The instant the medallion touches her skin, she passes out and wakes up in the most unlikely of places – an alpha wolf’s bed.

Ryde is furious that his daughter went behind his back and spelled for his mate. Not only does he have zero time to woo the utterly sexy blood drinker, but with all the pack unrest, the last thing he needs is to mate with his people’s mortal enemy. If he keeps Dominique, he could lose his pack and his life, but he doesn’t know if he can walk away. Especially not when he witnesses how connected his daughter and his mate are. If he takes a stand for Dominique, he could lose everything, but he’s not sure he can let her go.

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12 Responses to The Necklace Chronicles Series

  • geri says:

    I hope you are not done with this series. I thought they were great stories and would love a continuation of the Gigolo’s Bride.

  • michelle says:

    I love this series hope there is more to come

  • Julie says:

    Love these books & would love for you to continue them especially the gigolo’s bride storyline

    • rebutler says:

      Julie, I’d like to revisit the Gigolo’s storyline again as well, with a book for Paoli and Eden’s sister, Sloan. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get to them this year, but they are on my to-write list. Thanks so much for stopping by! Best, RE

  • rebecca vega says:

    I’m such a big fan I have almost all your books..but the new one melony but I can’t buy ” the gigolos bride
    It say that its unavaibale ? I have a nook and all ur books are there …..need help lol thanks

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Rebecca! A few months ago I took The Gigolo’s Bride down from publication to have the cover redone. And then I listed it on Amazon only as part of a promotional project, so it’s not available on Nook or anywhere outside of Amazon. Send me an email at the address on the Contact Me page of my website and I can get you the epub version, just remind me that you “talked” on the blog. 🙂

  • Evaughn says:

    I was snapping up all your books with so many offered from your site I just went wild. I love your work. I already have many and now I have many many weeks more of reading and new series to start. Thanks so much. I wouldn’t have been able to get more than a couple otherwise. Just so you know the link for The Gigolos’ Bride for .99 cents isn’t working. Comes up for 2.99 It’s well worth it but thought you might want to know.

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Evaughn! I’m so glad that you found me and have enjoyed my books! I’m sorry for that bad link. I removed the gigolo’s bride from every site except for Amazon when I raised the price to take part in some promotional things. I will fix that! Thank you for letting me know, I completely forgot! Take care! All the best, RE

  • Erica McClinsey says:

    Growing up as a child I hated reading but now because of your books being soooo good i read all of the time. I now hate watching tv. Even thought of writing some myself but i’m not good at putting words on paper that are running through my head. Thank you for changing my life. have everyone of your books and reread them often. Thank you so much. Keep writing.

    • rebutler says:

      Erica, I’m so glad to hear that you enjoy reading now, that’s wonderful! You’re very welcome – thank YOU for stopping by and sharing, I really appreciate it! All the best, RE

  • Sylwia winciorek says:

    Love your books. Just ended Gigolos bride and i hope you will write a story about Sloan, Captain Riya (the would make a handsome couple) and Paoli.

    • rebutler says:

      Hi Sylwia! Yes, I do hope to continue in the world of the Gigolo’s story. I definitely want Sloan to have her story told, and Paoli, too – I loved them both! Perhaps not this year, but maybe next year I can visit their world again. 🙂

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